Institutional Activities

St. Vivekananda School celebrates Mother Father's Day

The aim of the school was to inculcate respect for parents.

New Delhi.: St. Vivekananda School celebrated Mother-Father's Day. The aim of the school was to inculcate in the students a sense of respect for their parents and to present their values. The co-operation of parents, students, teachers and all others was commendable to fulfil this objective. A colourful program and refreshments were arranged for the parents in the school. The mesmerizing dance, song and skit based on an old age home won the hearts of the audience. After that, the students duly worshipped their parents by chanting and taking their blessings. The Principal Mr Yuvraj Punj put in front of the parents the growing anger among the children, lack of duty and blind imitation of the western culture. In the end, he ended the program by thanking all the parents, teachers and students

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