Students Corner

Schools re opening this summer’s for the students in offline mode with summer treats.

*Spending quality time in studying and the academics and create a balance between both.

Pune: After the Covid-19 outbreak in the entire world, the children had to struggle in the online mode teaching methods. But now as the number of patients  have been decreasing and everyone is getting vaccinated the schools have taken the decision to re-open the schools in full fledged form. The students are overwhelmed to wake up early in the mornings, wear the school uniforms again, and come back to school to attend offline classes. Everyone might think this is not the truth, but yes it is. The students must have previously enjoyed the online mode classes conducted but the offline schools were still missed by the students.

The students are now stepping out meeting friends enjoying the summer treat after school. Now the students are behaving responsible with their health and are being comfortable with the pandemic guidelines which are followed by the school. Offline mode teaching has made the students active and playful. The teachers are also happy to see the class full of students and teaching them with complete attention. The students might lag behind in the studies in the online mode. But now students need to gear up and cope with the offline studies.

Although online mode teaching and learning was a new experience to the teachers as well as the students. But now it’s time to step out for the students and re-live the summers of the school life and enjoy the learning process. Spending quality time in studying and the academics and create a balance between both is the responsibility of the students. The 2022 summers definitely feels like 2019 summers for the students and being back on campus has definitely made the students happier this year.

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