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Noted Mathematician Dr Mangala Narlikar Passes Away at 80, Leaving a Legacy of Inspiration

Dr Mangala Narlikar will be honoured at IISER and cremated at Vaikunth Crematorium after battling cancer and passing away at 80.

Mumbai: Dr. Mangala Narlikar, a distinguished mathematician, passed away on July 17th, after a valiant battle with cancer lasting more than a year. Dr Narlikar's passing has left an indelible mark on the world of mathematics, where her contributions have inspired countless aspiring mathematicians.


Born and raised in Mumbai, Dr Narlikar's academic journey began at the University of Mumbai, where she displayed exceptional aptitude in mathematics and graduated with flying colours. During her post-graduation, she excelled academically and topped in MA (Mathematics). Her passion for research led her to work as an assistant researcher and later as a researcher at the prestigious Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) in the School of Mathematics.


After her tenure at TIFR, Dr Narlikar embarked on a new adventure and headed to the University of Cambridge, where she shared her knowledge and expertise by teaching an undergraduate mathematics course. This international exposure enriched her perspective and broadened her academic horizons.


Ever dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, she returned to TIFR, this time as a teacher. Simultaneously, she pursued her PhD in Mathematics from her alma mater, the University of Mumbai, demonstrating her commitment to both education and research. Her remarkable academic journey continued in Pune, where she took up a teaching position at the renowned University of Pune, now known as the Savitribai Phule Pune University.


Throughout her illustrious career, Dr Mangala Narlikar delved into various branches of mathematics, displaying keen interests in real and complex analysis, analytic geometry, number theory, algebra, and much more. Her research prowess led her to author numerous papers in the domain of pure mathematics, contributing significantly to the advancement of mathematical knowledge.


Beyond her research publications, she also sought to inspire and educate through her written works. She authored several books, among them "A Cosmic Adventure" and "Nabhat Hasre Taare," showcasing her ability to communicate complex mathematical concepts to a broader audience.


In her personal life, Dr Narlikar found joy and support in her family. She leaves behind her beloved husband, Dr. Jayan Narlikar, a distinguished astrophysicist, who undoubtedly shared her passion for knowledge and exploration. Together, they nurtured a loving family of three daughters and five grandchildren.


As a final tribute to her incredible journey, Dr Mangala Narlikar's remains will be kept at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER). Her final rites will be performed at the Vaikunth crematorium.


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