Institutional Activities

Neotia University organizing workshop on Business Conclave.

: Neotia University will be organizing workshop on Business Conclave.

Sarhisha: Neotia University will be organizing workshop on Business Conclave.

Department of Bachelor of Business Administration in association with Department of Bachelor of Commerce under Neotia University is going to organize two days ABC workshop on Business Conclave.

The two days ABC workshop by Neotia University will hold on 12th and 13thMay, 2022 from 12:45p.m. till 4:40p.m.

The core committee of the workshop is the BBA 3rd Year students of Neotia University followed by BBA 2nd Year as an organizing committee and BBA 1st Year students as the Member of the Committee.

The main objectives of the workshop is to help students in analyzing customer dealing procedure and customers’ satisfaction; to find out sales, revenue and expenses; to analyze competition with other shops; to examine employees working condition; to analyze what kind of things affect the store, employees, sales, revenues and the customers; to evaluate the performance and analyze retail operations involved in making a retail store run smoothly; to understand advertisement, business layout, visual merchandise, selling and SCM and lastly to evaluate the manpower & economic feasibility.

Candidates pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Commerce degree programme from Neotia University and are interested to participate in the workshop can visit the SB3 Ground on 12th and 13thMay, 2022.

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