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Maharashtra's 17 Member Committee for NEP Implementation

Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar will lead a 17-member committee in Maharashtra to implement the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020, aiming to transition to a 5+3+3+4 education structure and enhance education standards in the state.

Maharashtra :- A 17-member steering committee, formed by the Maharashtra state education department, is tasked with devising a plan for implementing the New Education Policy (NEP) of 2020. Led by Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar, this committee, comprising educators and experts, will focus on five critical facets of the NEP: access, equity, quality, affordability, and accountability. One notable change under consideration is transitioning from the existing 10+2+3 education system to a 5+3+3+4 structure extending up to graduation.

An initial notification raised eyebrows within the education department as it conspicuously omitted the name of Education Commissioner Suraj Mandhare. This omission prompted discussions and speculations. However, the situation swiftly evolved as a revised notification was issued, rectifying the omission by including the commissioner's name.

Mandhare clarified that the committee's composition includes the undersecretary, the chamber officer of the education department as the member secretary, the principal secretary, the state project director of Maharashtra Primary Education Council, the director of the State Educational Research and Training Council, and the Joint Secretary (student development) of the school education department. Furthermore, the committee encompasses two educators, two child psychologists, two child specialists, two aptitude test experts, one sports expert, and one cultural expert.

Mandhare emphasised the importance of bridging the gap between current learning outcomes and the required standards through comprehensive reforms. These reforms aim to instil the highest quality, equity, and integrity within the education system, starting from early childhood care and education, and extending all the way through higher education.

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