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Deepak Kesarkar on Wednesday announced the Maharashtra government's intention to introduce Marathi as a medium of education in higher education and extend it to medical education

Thane: The State Education Minister, Deepak Kesarkar, officially stated that the Maharashtra Government is firmly committed to providing higher education in the Marathi language. This significant announcement was made during an event for Marathi entrepreneurs held on July 12th. Minister Kesarkar conveyed this message while representing the Chief Minister, Eknath Shinde, as reported by PTI.

The groundwork for this development was laid in 2021 when the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) sanctioned the inclusion of regional languages, including Marathi, for engineering programs in colleges. Subsequently, Mumbai University also granted approval to commence engineering courses in Marathi.

Building on these milestones, the AICTE launched books for diploma and undergraduate engineering courses in Marathi in 2022. The response received was outstanding and successful, prompting Minister Kesarkar to emphasize that Marathi medium instruction would extend to medical education starting the following year.

Minister Kesarkar rationalized this decision by highlighting that many countries around the world offer education in their native languages, considering it to be the most effective approach. Consequently, Maharashtra aims to expand its exports not only in terms of commodities but also in terms of skilled manpower.

This isn't the first time the Maharashtra government has publicly announced its intentions to introduce such a momentous educational reform. Minister Kesarkar had previously informed attendees about these plans during the fifty-sixth-anniversary program of Balbharti in Pune in January.

With the continuous display of positive actions and unwavering commitment by the Maharashtra government towards this cause, the prospects of Marathi higher education becoming a successful endeavour are highly promising."

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