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Madhyam, Fergusson College’s prestigious annual magazine, selecting contributions from 16th February this year

*Link for Registration: Registrations will be open till 16th Feb 2022.

Pune: Fergusson College’s Madhyam, annual magazine, not only surveys the academic achievements of the given year but also exhibits the creativity of both students and staff members. To make it more interesting, we are hosting a competition for students and staff members via which the contributions to be published in this year's issue of Madhyam 2021-22 will be selected. Participants are expected to write and submit their contributions at the time of the competition which will be conducted offline on campus from 22nd to 25th February 2022. The detailed schedule for the same will be announced later on the college website. Interested members need to register via link given below. Participation without registration will not be possible. We hope for an overwhelming response.

Topics for contribution:

There are 4 topics in all. Participants are expected to write on these topics. Each participant is allowed to submit maximum two contributions. Both the contributions can be based on the same topic or on either of the given topics. Contributions can be in form of essay, story, poem, skit, Dialogue, Monologue, letter, drawings, photographs etc. Word limit is maximum 300 words. Writing and drawing is to be done during the competition. Only photographs can be sent via email (

Please note that the final selection will be done by the editorial team through critical scrutiny of the received contributions.


1 Peeping into People and Personalities

2 Mirrors and reflections

3. Celebrating life

4. 75 years of India’s Independence

These topics are indicative in nature, and contributors are encouraged to explore beyond this list too.

Please note that only the selected contributions will be published in the annual college

Magazine Madhyam 2021-22.

We hope for an overwhelming response. Do participate!

Link for Registration: (Registrations will be open till 16th Feb 2022.)

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