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JMI organizes 18th Abdus Salam Memorial Lecture

The title of the lecture was 'Black Holes, Quantum Mechanics, and Spacetime’.

New Delhi: The Department of Physics, Jamia Milia University organized the 18th edition of the Abdus Salam Memorial Lecture on March 20, 2023. The lecture was given by Prof. Spenta R. Wadia from the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bengaluru and it was titled ‘Black Holes, Quantum Mechanics, and Spacetime’. 

The Abdus Salam Memorial Lecture is held annually since 2002 by the University under the Department of Physics, JMI. 
According to the official press release, the lecture commenced with a welcome address by the Head, Department of Physics, JMI, Prof. M A H Ahsan and it was followed by the Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Prof. Syed Akhter Husain, welcoming the speaker Prof Spenta R Wadia. Prof. M. Sami, former founding Director, the Centre for Theoretical Physics, JMI, former Dean, the Faculty of Natural Sciences, and currently the Director of the Centre for Cosmology and Popularization, SGT University, Gurugram gave an introduction of the speaker. 

The lecture began with a historical approach. Prof. Spenta started by discussing the tension between Newton's theory of gravitation and the Special Theory of Relativity that led to Einstein’s General Relativistic Theory of gravitation in 1915. Stephen Hawking has pointed out the irreconcilability of these two theories. Prof. Wadia discussed approaches to resolving this tension in the context of String Theory.

The lecture concluded with an interactive session and a vote of thanks presented by the Head of the Department

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