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Global Online Certification Course on Deep Learning in Logistics

*Course on “Deep Learning in Logistics” in association with Prof. Rahul Rai (Clemson University)

Mumbai: NITIE is proud to present the Global Online Certif ication Course on “Deep Learning in Logistics” in association with Prof. Rahul Rai (Clemson University) The course is self-contained comprehensive primer to deep learning, with a good balance between theory, numerical methods, and programming.The application portion will be taught in the context of practical and applied methods in the logistics domain. A wide variety of topics at the intersection of deep learning will be covered. Processing big data through a deep neural network to generate useful and actionable insights will be the primary focus.The course will focus on the basic concept learning approach, where the focus will be on covering basic elements of deep-learning through referred materials and programming assignments.


Time: Last week of February 2022.

Course Timeline: 15 Hrs. of Session + 10 Hrs. Practice.

Course Content:

WEEK 01: Types of ML Problems in Logistics domain & Intro to Optimization

WEEK 02: Intro to deep learning

WEEK 03: Neural Network Basics

WEEK 04: Shallow Neural Networks

WEEK 05: Shallow Neural Networks

WEEK 06: Deep Neural Networks

WEEK 07: Testing,Bias, and Overfitting

WEEK 08: Optimization Algorithms

WEEK 09: Hyperparameter Tuning,Batch Normalization,Programming Framew

WEEK 10: Deep Learning in Logistics Domain: Case Studies

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Course Fees:

For Individual Registrations

Category: Participants from India

Student: INR 2000/- Per participant

Academician / Faculty: INR 3000/- Per participants

NITIE Alumni: INR 3000/- Per Participants

Industry Professionals/others: INR 5000/- Per Participant

Foreign Participants: USD100 Per Participants

Faculty Co-ordinators:

Prof. Rakesh Raut

Prof. Ravindra Gokhale

Prof. Ajaya Kumar Panda

Interested students can register on the given link

Reference Code: GCDLLFEB22

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