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Former Chief of Maharashtra Exam Council Remanded in Government Job Scam

Shailaja Ramchandra Darade, former Commissioner of the State Examination Council, and her brother Dadasaheb Darade have been remanded to police custody until August 12 for their alleged involvement in a government job scam.

Pune: Shailaja Ramchandra Darade, previously the Commissioner of the State Examination Council, finds herself in legal turmoil as she has been placed under police custody until August 12 by the Pune court. The charges stem from an alleged scam involving the manipulation of individuals seeking government job opportunities. Shailaja Darade's brother, Dadasaheb Ramchandra Darade, is also implicated in the case, and a search is ongoing to locate an accomplice connected to the Darade siblings' illicit activities.

The accusations revolve around the fraudulent assurance of government positions, where 44 individuals were conned out of significant sums of money under the pretext of receiving coveted government jobs. Investigations reveal that the total amount embezzled from the victims reached a staggering Rs 4.85 crore. Despite the arrest of both Shailaja and Dadasaheb Darade, the funds have yet to be recovered. Authorities are actively pursuing the retrieval of the embezzled funds and anticipate uncovering further instances of criminal misconduct related to the case.

The case came to light following a complaint lodged by Popat Sukhdev Suryavanshi, a 50-year-old teacher residing in Khanjodwadi, Atpadi, Sangli. Allegedly, Suryavanshi's family fell victim to the false promises of employment made by the Darade siblings, leading to the loss of Rs 27 lakhs.

Shailaja Darade, whose suspension occurred just last month in connection to the ongoing investigation, had sought anticipatory bail after the case was registered against her. However, the court denied her request, resulting in her subsequent arrest.

The police investigation, bolstered by the assistance of cyber experts, has uncovered critical evidence, including call recordings that detail conversations between the accused and the victims. Additionally, a voice sample of Shailaja Darade will be procured for analysis, aiding in the ongoing inquiry.

Assistant Police Inspector C. C. Thorbole, leading the investigation, emphasized that the fraudulent operation extended beyond aspiring teachers. The Darade siblings targeted individuals seeking employment in various sectors, including the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET), Regional Transport Offices (RTO), and Talathi positions.

The case has raised concerns about the potential involvement of additional individuals in the scam. In light of this, the prosecution argued for seven-day police custody for Shailaja Darade. Judicial Magistrate (First Class) DJ Patil granted the request, leading to her remand until August 12.

As investigations continue to unravel the extent of the government job scam, the public eagerly awaits further revelations regarding the activities of the accused and any potential accomplices in this intricate web of deceit.

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