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CUH organized International Seminar on Sensor based Health Care Devices

International seminar organized at CUH


Mahendergarh: An online international seminar was organized by the Department of Biochemistry, Central University of Haryana (CUH), Mahendergarh. The topic of the seminar was “Sensor based health care devices: Design and Commercial impact”, the lecture was delivered by Dr. Pranjal Chandra from the Indian Institute of Technology- BHU, Varanasi.

Dr. Pranjal Chandra is a renowned scientist in the field of Nano biosciences, he emphasized on the dependency of health care industry on the biomedical devices and the importance of personalized diagnostics. Dr. Pranjal and team at IIT-BHU has developed new tools to analyze molecules for tracing diseases using Nano biosensors and some are under approval for getting patents. The seminar focused on the methods involved in the study like sensor fabrication, metallic 3D dendritic structures, and development of Nano biosensors for their use in diagnostics.

The seminar was conducted under the patronship of Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Haryana, and Prof. Pawan Kumar Maurya, Head of the Biochemistry department as convener, organizing team Dr. Antresh Kumar, Dr. Usha Nagarajan, Dr. Saurabh Saxena, Dr. Maruthi Mulaka. Prof. Neelam Sangwan (Dean Research), Prof. Dinesh Kumar (Dean Academics), Scientists from various institutes, faculty members and students have attended the seminar.


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