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Centre for Innovation and Incubation organized expert lecture at CUH

Smart medical devices are very useful in the field of health Dr.MamtaJuneja of Panjab University addressed.


New Delhi. : Not only India but the whole world has been affected by the Corona pandemic. This is a tough time when words fail to praise the dedication and devotion to duty shown by the people working in the health care sector. Not only medical experts but scientist has also contributed significantly in dealing with the various challenges coming in this difficult time. Of course, in this era, we cannot ignore the usefulness of artificial intelligence at any level, but today there is a need to become self-reliant on this front and work is also being done in this direction on a large scale in India. With its help, today remarkable products are being developed in the field of health, which are proving to be very helpful in the field of health and such efforts need to be given more impetus. Any disease or problem can be treated correctly only when it is properly diagnosed and state-of-the-art products are proving useful in this task. We need to make more efforts in this direction. These views were expressed by Prof.Tankeshwar Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Haryana (CUH), Mahendragarh while addressing an online expert lecture organized by the Centre for Innovation and Incubation of the University. While expressing gratitude to Dr.MamtaJuneja of Panjab University, Chandigarh, who was present on the occasion as expert speaker, the Vice Chancellor said that surely her address would help in knowing about the ongoing changes in this field.

The expert lecture on “Smart Medical Devices and Diagnostic Solutions Using Artificial Intelligence” started with SaraswatiVandana. After this, the coordinator of the University's Centre for Innovation and Incubation, Prof.Sunita Srivastava informed about the various efforts being made by the Centre. In her address, she told how this centre is trying to develop new research and innovation at the University level. She said that as a result of these efforts, expert lectures are organized every weekend in which focused discussions are held on various new topics. She said that surely through this event also it will help us to know and understand various aspects related to Smart Medical Devices and Diagnostic Solution Using Artificial Intelligence and the participants will also be benefited from it. Expert speaker Dr.MamtaJuneja, in her address, threw light on Smart Medical Devices and Diagnostic Solution Using Artificial Intelligence in detail. In her address, she told how smart devices are playing an important role in the field of health. Dr.Mamta said that a special center has been set up in Panjab University for this work. She added that today it is needed because India imports 80 percent of its medical devices from abroad. She said that our centre is continuously working in this direction and also towards developing various products and medical devices. Among these, Motion Sensing Gloves, 3D Printer, Human Bite Force Measuring Device etc. are prominent. At the end of the online lecture, the expert speaker also answered the questions and queries of the participants.

At the beginning of the program, Dr.Anoop Yadav introduced the Vice Chancellor of the University. The vote of thanks was presented by Shri.Sunil Aggarwal at the end of the online lecture. Prof.Pawan Kumar Maurya, Dr.Anoop Yadav and Dr.Suraj Arya made significant contribution in organizing this program. Head of various Departments, teachers, researchers, students and employees of the university participated in the event.

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