Azim Premji University extends deadline for applying to Forests of LIfe internship, new deadline is January 31


Bengaluru.; Azim Premji University has extended the deadline for applying to its Forests for Life internship, a festival that is part of their Nature Awareness series. The deadline has been extended to January 31 (Wednesday).

The festival is meant to tell stories about forests through photo essays created by the applicants, and is a union of stakeholders, traditions, geographies, and a recording of how forests can make our planet richer. Applicants will be forest custodians and will be using either professional grade or mobile phone cameras to take photos for their essays. The internship will last for three months, from February 15 to April 15, with the days between April 15 and April 30 being given to students to ensure they have time to submit their work. The actual Forests of Life festival will take place from October to November later this year.

To be eligible, applicants need to be 18 years or older, and be an Indian student (regardless of what school or college they are from). Applicants must take ten photos from the camera they own, and each photo must include a caption. A concept note of 200-250 words must also be written on one of these themes: 

  1. forests as sacred, spiritual and living entities

  2. changing forests - imagining new ways of coexistence (cities, industries, transforming rural landscapes)

  3. people of the forest - food, culture, livelihoods and ways of life

  4. forests for life - ecology and biodiversity, environment, climate change


Applicants must also cover one or more sub-themes in their note, with available sub-themes being policies and their implementation, cultural affinity, documenting biodiversity richness, forests and coexistence - Farm forests, Non Timber Forest Produce, Pastoralism, Fisheries, etc, fisheries and livelihood dependency upon forests, urban forests and heritage trees, threats, wild foods, stories of hope, movements to restore and protect forests, or another sub-theme the applicant can think of.

After their concept notes and photo essays have been viewed, applicants will be shortlisted and invited for an interview. If they are chosen, applicants will then be required to attend workshops centred around awareness, ethics in forests and photography skills. The intern will need to focus on one of the four main themes mentioned above while taking photos, and their final submissions will be shown in exhibit catalogues, be published in an open access book, and will appear in articles in various media, all of which will be used to generate awareness on forests.

You can apply for the internship here:

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