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5th SciTech Spins Lecture: School Students to Explore World of Elementary Particles

Lecture to be Held on January 29th, 2022


New Delhi: The fifth lecture for school students under the SciTech Spins Lecture Series organised by IIT Delhi is going to be held on January 29th, 2022.

This 5th lecture tilted ‘The Building Blocks of Matter: From Particles to Strings’ is the second part of the series‘Unraveling Nature: From the Galaxies to the Quantum Realm’ during which the speakers will throw light on the world of elementary particles.

Prof. Abhishek MuralidharIyer and Prof. Tarun Sharma from the Department of Physics, IIT Delhi will address the students.The lecture will also be live streamed on the IIT Delhi’s official YouTube channel (

The world we see is made up of atoms. However, the atom is not a fundamental object! It is made up of protons and neutrons inside the nucleus and the electrons revolving around it.If one looks closer into the protons and neutrons, we find they are made up of mysterious particles called quarks.Thus, the quarks and the electrons constitute the elementary building blocks of nature. But nature works in mysterious ways! It made two more copies of the electrons and the quarks, and this constitutes the world of elementary particle physics. 

In this talk, we will zoom into the peculiar but interesting world of the fundamental building blocks of nature and the laws of physics, which govern their behaviour. We will highlight the important contributions that lead to our current understanding of particle physics and end with questions that still puzzle the scientific community,” the speakers said.

During the first part of the lecture titled ‘A Brief History of the Universe: From the Big Bang to the Present” held in December 2021, the IIT Delhi scientists had explained about the universe and its history to the students. They took the students on a tour of the universe from its beginnings.

SciTech Spins is an academic outreach initiative by the Institute for school students especially from classes 9th - 12th

IIT Delhi is giving e-certificates to all registered students nominated by their respective schools who attend the lecture. The Institute will also invite these students to 'Open House', an annual intellectual fest organised by IIT Delhi, which provides an ideal platform to school students to connect with some of the leading researchers in the field of Science and Technology.

Schools may reach out to Associate Dean, Academic Outreach & New Initiatives, IIT Delhi (; to nominate their students for the SciTech Spins lecture series. 

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