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Research Promotion Board is giving impetus to research and innovation at CUH

Research Promotion Board is giving impetus to research and innovation at CUH - Board constituted under the leadership of Vice Chancellor of Central University of Haryana


New Delhi : The importance of remarkable research work has always been for the betterment of mankind and the world community. Recognizing this need, the Central University of Haryana (CUH), Mahendragarh has started special efforts at the University level. Research Promotion Board has been constituted under the chairmanship of Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar. Through this board, efforts will now be made to identify the University as an ideal University for research on the world lavel. The Vice Chancellor Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar says that it is our endeavor that we try as a team in a planned manner and implement various measures required for research and innovation.

The Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar described this effort as giving impetus to research and innovation. He said that an seed grant of one lakh rupees is being provided to the new teachers joining the University through this board. Using which they can develop their office, necessary technical and practical equipment like computer etc. The board has also decided to provide twenty lakh rupees to the teachers, especially as research grant money at the University level. The decision to provide this grant amount will be done through the Research Promotion Board.

At the University level, special efforts are being made to encourage teachers at the level of research. Under which every teacher has been directed to publish at least two research papers in a year. Similarly, teachers will also be honored for publishing remarkable research papers at the departmental level. In order to give impetus to the process of research and exploration, teachers will also be provided travel grant once a year, through which they will be able to easily do the travel work required for their research. The Vice Chancellor exhorted the teachers to lay emphasis on research works of social importance, especially at the local and national level, under these efforts, so that the benefits of the knowledge developed in the University could reach the masses. It is clear that now the day is not far when Central University of Haryana will establish a distinct identity among the prestigious educational institutions of the country on the research and innovation front.

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