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Vidyasagar University to use smart card for Attendance.

Vidyasagar University is going to use smart card for taking attendance.

Kolkata:  Vidyasagar University is going to use smart card for taking attendance.

The advent of moving through the way of digitalization is making everything digitalized day by day. Now a day’s most of the institutions are transferring their work from a pen and paper mode to the digital one.

Vidyasagar University in this regard is going to start the use of smart card for the attendance of employees (Officers and Non-teaching staffs) working through the various department of Vidyasagar University. The method of Smart card attendance will be in effect from 5th May, 2022 as decided by the University.

Employees, those who are working in the University are advised to use only smart card to record their attendance and no finger print is necessary at this moment.

Manual attendance for the employees will not be considered after 30th April, 2022 as decided by the University. As, per the existing practice, smart card attendance will be recorded twice a day at time of arrival and departure, the same way through which employees have to register their finger print during the time of arrival and departure in the University.

HoDs of all Academic and Administrative departments are advised to strictly follow the smart card attendance method for their staffs. Employees those who will be facing any difficulty during smart card based attendance should contact the Computer Centre of the University and resolve the problem as per the decision made with the approval of competent authority of Vidyasagar University.

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