"Self-love comes with practice": Eshaa Budhiraja


"Self-love comes with practice": Eshaa Budhiraja

In conversation with Eshaa Budhiraja a life coach, tarot reader, and reiki practitioner about her organization "The coach for self" and the importance of mental health. An Interview taken by Minu Jyotsna , Reporter, EduAdvice.

What does your organization focus on? 

The main key area that my organization focuses on is an individual's relationship with ‘themselves’ and my aim is to make people see their worth and to help them recognize the value of the life that they have been given. I started as a tarot reader and a Reiki practitioner and the clients who came to me consulted me about their personal and professional issues. But the dominant part of the issues that they faced was in the department of relationships with people around them and when you look at it psychologically, these problems that we face are not due to external factors but rather due to our internal struggles. Therefore I started this organization to let people know and help them achieve a better relationship with themselves. For when they have a good relationship with themselves, they will automatically have a better relationship with their work-life or personal life.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or ‘hands-on healing’ through which energy is passed on to the patient which leads to physical and emotional healing. It is something that is very special to me. It works in a very subtle way and has permanent results when it comes to healing


What is the biggest challenge you helped one of your clients through?

Every client is different. But the biggest challenge comes in the form where the client feels like he/she is a victim in their life and they get stuck to this thought process for such a long time that they don't realize how depleted their thought process has become. Therefore the challenge comes in the form of showing them the mirror that it is not the external factors that are causing them to feel that way but rather it is they 'themselves' who are responsible for their lives. So making them aware of the fact that they can become the creators of their life is a challenge that we have been overcoming.


How would you define self-love and how to achieve it?

I would say that self-love comes with practice and it doesn't happen overnight. Everybody wants the world around them to change according to them but sometimes it is not possible. In such situations, one must focus on themselves and take small steps to achieve greater knowledge about them by spending more time introspecting and moving towards loving themselves with every step.


What would you suggest to people who are going through a traumatic experience but due to societal stigma and our fast-paced life they are struggling to find both time and courage to seek help regarding their mental health?

 That is the irony of the times that we live in, I would suggest to people who do not find the time or the right person to pour out their feelings, to start journaling. It is something very basic but the impact is magical. Writing your thoughts on a piece of paper will let you explore yourself and your thoughts which will eventually lead to further clarity and acceptance.

In today's world people face many challenges when it comes to searching and projecting their true self, and thus oscillate between multiple personalities when it comes to work or personal life which leads to various conflicts in both these domains. How can they achieve equilibrium in life?

Yes, this is a predicament that many people go through and it's highly uncomfortable to maintain two personalities in one being. It makes you go away from yourself completely, and in one or the other area, you keep sulking. It leads to conflicts in family relationships, relationships with friends, and at work. Therefore it is very important for people to understand themselves better. There is no need to play a different role which you are not. People in such situations are scared of being judged, but it's just a fear, and being themselves completely in every sphere of life will eradicate all their issues and conflicts.

Do you think that "mental health" should be a part of the school curriculum?

Yes absolutely, it is High time that we start talking about it and help children from a very young age to understand their feelings and acknowledge them. If we help children from the foundational level to recognize their feelings and teach them how to deal with them they will turn out to be better adults and will be equipped to handle any future pressures which will have a positive impact on their lives.

What would you suggest to our generation today when it comes to achieving personal growth?

I would suggest that they have to recognize that they don't need to compare themselves to anybody else. They should rather focus on becoming the best version of themselves.

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