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No Tobacco Day At AMU

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) administered the


No Tobacco  Pledge Day At AMU


Aligarh: Prof Mohammad Jahangeer Warsi, Chairman, Department of Linguistics, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) administered the ‘World No Tobacco Day’ pledge to urge the department faculty members and staff for raising awareness on the harmful effects of tobacco consumption.

All staff members took the oath to never smoke and consume any type of tobacco products in their lives and motivate family and acquaintances to quit tobacco addiction.

“The pledge was taken under the COPTA 2003 guidelines for banning the tobacco use in and around the university campuses”, said Prof Warsi.

Dr Sabahuddin Ahmad was the programme convener.

At the AMU City Girls High School, Dr Md Alamgir (School Principal) stressed that tobacco consumption is not only a threat to ones’ health but also wastage of money.

He urged students and teachers to spread awareness on the harmful effects of tobacco use in neighbourhoods and the Country. 

Schoool teachers: Tehmina Ashraf, Ahmad Omar and Asmita Chaudhary also spoke on the dangers of tobacco use.

Zia ul Haq made a presentation on how tobacco addiction can ruin health. Farzana Nazeer conducted the programme

Source- Official website of Aligarh Muslim University,

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