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IIT Madras Hosts Industry Conclave 2022 to showcase the Institutes’ cutting edge Research to Industry & Govt

:- It brought under one platform various stakeholders including Government officials, Corporate firms, investment bodies and industry groups to collaborate with IIT Madras on research, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology


Chennai: Indian Institute of Technology Madras organized the Industry Conclave 2022 on April 16 and 17, 2022 to showcase the cutting-edge research and innovations of the Institute to the Government, Industry and Corporate firms.

A Virtual Space dedicated to exhibiting Research Projects, start-ups, and Projects from the Institute’s Center for Innovation (CFI) and other projects was also created for the occasion.

The objective of the conclave was to bridge the gap between industry and academia and facilitate Institute collaborations with industries for research projects, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, and start-ups. This event was also intended to help IIT Madras students and researchers gain an industry perspective.

An industry-relevant competition was also held for IIT Madras students, which served as an essential starting point for their venture into the professional sector.

The Conclave addressed the recent developments in industrial sector through lectures by industry professionals. It was also intended to facilitate the exchange of recent developments in some high-demand sectors such as cyber security, start-up space and data science through talks from experts and innovators in respective fields.

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