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IIT Jodhpur fostering holistic development through social outreach

The event showcased various activities undertaken by IIT Jodhpur in association with various entities for social outreach.

JODHPUR,: The social outreach event at the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur was held on 1st August 2023 during the foundation day celebration. The event was graced by Chief Guest, Dr. Anil Joshi, Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri, Founder, Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organization (HESCO).

Talking about the contribution of IIT Jodhpur in social outreach, Prof. Santanu Chaudhury, Director, IIT Jodhpur, said, “IIT Jodhpur strives to reach out beyond its IIT community to the larger society that exists beyond its walls and collaborates with diversity of stakeholders to solve pressing problems of the society through technology and innovation. IIT Jodhpur has done a phenomenal work in social outreach, say it medical technology, water purification, Thar ecosystem, air pollution and supporting handicraft artisans of the State through digital interventions. With dedicated body ‘Jodhpur City Knowledge and Innovation Foundation (JCKIF)’ we work to serve social needs.”

The event showcased various activities undertaken by IIT Jodhpur in association with various entities for social outreach.

Craft Activities:

"KalaAnubhav," a groundbreaking 3D Craftverse, emerged from the collaboration of passionate technologists and skilled craftsmen with the visionary support of IIT Jodhpur and Jodhpur City Knowledge Innovation Foundation (JCKIF). This innovative platform seamlessly combines tradition and technology to offer an immersive and personalized journey through the captivating world of Indian handicrafts. By harnessing the power of modern tools, the initiative empowers artisans from the state of Rajasthan to showcase their artistry to a broader audience, opening up new avenues for reaching and selling their creations while ensuring the preservation of their invaluable skills for generations to come.

Water Activities:

The success story of IIT Jodhpur's water purification initiative in rural and remote schools showcasing a remarkable achievement in providing clean drinking water. The Centre for Sustainable Drinking Water Sources, supported by Jal Jeevan Mission under the Ministry of Jal Shakti, collaborates closely with Jal Jeevan Mission to strengthen capacity-building, outreach, research, and education for various stakeholders in rural areas. Furthermore, IIT Jodhpur extends its outreach activities to address the needs of farmers. A testament to their innovation and expertise is the development of a Smart Graded Water Supply Grid in the IIT Jodhpur Campus, which serves as a model testbed. This project reflects the institute's commitment to advancing water supply technologies, fostering sustainable practices, and contributing to the betterment of communities in the region and beyond.

Indoor Pollution Activities:

In collaboration with ICMR-NIIRDC, a comprehensive study was conducted in Jodhpur to assess indoor and ambient air quality in different micro-environments. For 12 months, twenty-four air quality monitors were deployed across various locations in the city to monitor air pollution levels. Concurrently, other studies were conducted at Kota and IIT Jodhpur campuses, in partnership with JCKIF, to investigate different indoor micro-environments and understand the impact of various sources, activities, occupancy levels, and ventilation systems on aerosols' physical properties. As part of their commitment to public health, IIT Jodhpur has developed the innovative Cold plasma technology-based Novel CODE Air Sterilizer, a patented breakthrough technology aimed at reducing the risks of airborne pathogen infections in indoor settings. The cutting-edge air sterilizer is being currently field trailed on patients at AIIMS Jodhpur, heralding a significant step forward in the fight against indoor air pollution and associated health risks.

Thar Designs Activities:

"Thar Design" embraces its mission of capturing the innovative spirit of the Desert Ecosystem, drawing inspiration from Nature's guidance and selection. As part of their commitment to One Health, the organization has initiated various pilot projects, encompassing Ecosystem phenomics, Bioprospecting, Bioinspiration, and Citizen Science, among others. Benefitting from the collaboration under JCKIF, Thar Design has engaged with numerous institutes, organizations, and stakeholders in and around Jodhpur, facilitating a comprehensive and holistic study. A notable outreach program, IITJ Bio blitz, serves as a citizen science initiative, fostering awareness among citizens about their local ecology and instilling a sense of responsibility towards protecting the ecosystem. The "Prakriti app" is introduced as a valuable tool to gather ecological data at a spatio-temporal scale from participating citizens, enhancing the collective efforts towards sustainable environmental conservation and understanding the intricate dynamics of the desert ecosystem.

MedTech Activities:

The Medical Technologies program, a collaborative effort between IIT Jodhpur and AIIMS Jodhpur, serves as a unique platform that brings together doctors and engineers for co-mentoring by a diverse team of faculty, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. Embracing the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat, Digital Health Mission, and Make in India, the program is dedicated to accelerating medical technology development, fostering self-reliance in the field. In a remarkably short span of three years, the program has already yielded eight startups and fifteen patents, exemplifying its remarkable impact on innovation and entrepreneurship in the medical technology sector. Fueling this success, the TISC (Technology and Innovation Support Center) at IIT Jodhpur houses student-faculty-led MedTech startups, and being an approved BioNest Bioincubator of BIRAC, it nurtures incubation projects backed by the Ministry of MSME and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India. The collaborative efforts of this program and incubator are propelling the growth of indigenous medical technologies, making a significant contribution to the nation's technological and healthcare landscape.

At IIT Jodhpur, fostering a culture of outreach and engagement is of utmost importance. We wholeheartedly welcome enthusiastic school kids, college students, and equally eager adults during our regular Open House events, where they can witness the wonders of technology and innovation firsthand. Our commitment to outreach extends beyond our campus, as we actively participate in Institute outreach activities across India, including Rajasthan. Through product exhibitions, public lectures, workshops, and training sessions, we strive to empower and inspire students, schools, colleges, and the general public with knowledge and awareness. The 'Sirohi Model Pilot Project,' a testament to our dedication, has been formally included since May 2019, reflecting our ongoing efforts to make a meaningful impact in the community. Furthermore, we have conducted 12 AMR workshops in rural areas of Rajasthan, carefully selecting locations to ensure that our interactions reach the right audience and address their needs effectively. By actively engaging with diverse stakeholders and spreading knowledge far and wide, IIT Jodhpur remains committed to contributing to society's growth and transformation through education, innovation, and technology.


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