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How a Liberal Arts Degree leads to a Plethora of Profitable Professional Opportunities ?

A liberal arts degree also provides more job opportunities than a technical or professional degree.


Sanya Tayal

New Delhi. : The present working culture all over the world is looking for youth who possess required qualifications as well as a multidimensional approach. To achieve this many colleges have structured the course of liberal arts. Liberal Arts, as an integrated course, presents a distinct and one-of-a-kind academic structure. As a result, many students wonder how a course with so many disciplines will benefit them with their future professional chances. 

Referring to a famous quote by Albert Einstein from his book The Ultimate Quotable Einstein, “The value of an education in liberal arts college is not learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think about something that cannot be learned from textbooks.” Liberal Arts provides the students with this value of education, It develops the skills of problem solving, effective communication, debating, critical thinking etc. within students, developing them into individuals which many corporates are looking for.According to George Andres, a contributing editor at Forbes magazine, companies seek for five attributes when hiring new employees: enthusiasm, problem-solving, analytical skills, social awareness, and communication/persuasive skills. He also acknowledges that liberal arts graduates have these characteristics. No wonder many of today’s leaders such as Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of Alibaba, Brian Chesky, Co-founder of Airbnb, Susan Wojicicki, CEO of YouTube and many more are liberal arts graduates. 

A liberal arts degree also provides more job opportunities than a technical or professional degree. While medical and legal graduates have a well-defined career path, they cannot readily shift direction. A liberal arts degree enables graduates to pursue a job path that matches their interests. If they decide to change careers, they will be able to find another job that is equally profitable and enjoyable because they already have many transferable talents. Hence, It provides a wide range of career choices which includes management, services, film industry, journalism etc. 

Liberal Arts Colleges in India 

Many colleges in India are now offering Liberal Arts courses in response to the recent demand and need for it. Here is the list of some of the best colleges in India which offer this course. 

Ashoka University for Liberal Arts:

Ashoka University provides a liberal arts program which focuses on interdisciplinary courses. It promotes critical thinking, complex problem solving, effective communication, teamwork, and change-making innovation. Ashoka University's academic programmes in a dialogic classroom equip students to excel in research and higher education, as well as in using their knowledge to tackle real-world problems. The intake process of this university includes an aptitude test followed by an essay and a personal interview. It also provides programmes such as The Ashoka Scholars Programme and Young India Fellowship Programme which focuses on holistic development of the students. To know more about the university please visit: 

Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts:

Symbiosis provides students both B.A and degrees in liberal arts. Students can anticipate an academically rich environment while studying there. It offers a 4 year course which encourages students to participate in the learning process through research, community outreach and innovative teaching. The intake process of this university includes an aptitude test (SET) which is followed by an interview. To know more about the university please visit: https:// 

Flame University:

FLAME University's academic programmes are designed to provide students with the information and abilities they need to play a meaningful role in their chosen sector. Students are given a B.A./B.A(Hons.)/B.Sc./B.Sc (Hons.)/BBA (Communications Management) degree based on the courses they study during their graduation. The intake process of Flame University is through a selection process which includes Admission Test (FEAT/SAT/ACT), Essay, Online Personal Interview, Past Academic Record, Extracurricular activities/ achievements and a Statement of Purpose (SOP). 
To know more about the university please visit: 


NMIMS Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts:

Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts, a liberal arts college associated with NMIMS (Deemed to be University). With an NAAC score of 3.59 and an A+ grade, NMIMS has been granted Category-I Autonomy Status. This course provides a broad foundation across subjects, which they believe is necessary for the student's entire development. Liberal Arts courses at NMIMS help students build critical and analytical abilities while also instilling critical thinking and problem solving. It teaches students to approach obstacles with a positive attitude, to think critically, to approach problems through a variety of perspectives, and to produce real-world solutions.Though the program's core courses are in the Humanities and Social Sciences, it also focuses on strengthening our students' scientific attitudes and thinking. It attempts to improve crucial abilities such as research, critical and analytical thinking, and transdisciplinarity.The intake in the program is through an online entrance test NMIMS-NPAT. It is an online computer based test.   
For more info, please visit:   


Jindal School of Liberal Art and Humanities:

The Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities is aimed to include a wide range of literary courses as well as subjects that demand an analytical approach. The college emphasises several skill-building activities to develop a culture of inquiry and thought. The intake process consists of three rounds based on a personal statement, supplemental application, X and XII grade point averages, an interview with faculty, and a JSAT score of 55% or comparable (SAT/ACT). 
For more info, please visit: 


Christ University: The Liberal Arts course in Christ University, consists of a flexible learning system and a department which believes that new ideas come from developing new perspectives and thinking out of the box. The selection process includes an entrance test followed by a micro presentation and personal interview. Academic performance will also be taken into consideration. 
For more info, Please visit:

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