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Faculty development programme will be organize in MG Kashi Vidyapith

:- Mahatma Kashi Vidyapith Varanasi, is going to organize a faculty development programme from May 21


By Deep Raj Deepak

Varanasi: Mahatma Kashi Vidyapith Varanasi is going to organize a faculty development programme from May 21 to 30. The programme will be held in the video conference room/ library hall, Faculty of Law, MG Kashi Vidyapith. The following programme will be headed by the Asst. prof. Shashank Chandel. Other attendees will be vice chancellor prof. AK Tyagi and other professors from the different departments.

About the programme:

The faculty development programme on Emerging Trends in Research Methodology aims to include and enhance the abilities of the faculty members to carry out independent research, write successful research projects. The lectures will be focused on research topic selection , literature review, project proposal writing and research paper writing,etc. Experts will discuss the problem related to research and will give solutions to eradicate the problems.


  • Latest trends in research
  • Research ethics
  • Misconception in Review of Literature
  • Fundamental of doing Qualitative, Quantitative and Doctrinal Research
  • Current Trends in Socio-Legal Research
  • Predictive Methods
  • Introduction to SPSS, Cross Tabulation
  • Data visualization
  • E-resource material
  • Academic Writing Skill


Registration fee is Rs 3000 and the last date to apply is May 20, 2022. Duration of the session is from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. Every candidate must attend the whole session.

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