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Centre for Innovation and Incubation organized expert lecture at CUH

- Modern transport system plays an important role in the development of smart cities. - Prof. Naveen Aggarwal from Punjab University addressed.



Mahendragarh : Contribution of state-of-the-art technology in the field of transportation is the need of the hour and through this we can fulfil the need of transportation in the development of Smart Cities, being developed by the Government of India. Today, there is a need to know and understand the possibilities and challenges available in this field and prepare ourselves accordingly. These views were expressed by Prof.Tankeshwar Kumar, Vice Chancellor of Central University of Haryana (CUH), Mahendragarh while addressing an online expert lecture organized by the Centre for Innovation and Incubation of the University. While expressing gratitude to Prof. Naveen Aggrawal of Panjab University, Chandigarh, who was present on this occasion as expert speaker, the Vice Chancellor said that his address would certainly help in understanding the future possibilities and challenges in this direction.

In the beginning of this expert lecture focused on the topic “Intelligent Transportation System for Smart Cities - Challenges and Opportunities”, Prof.Sunita Srivastava, Co-ordinator of the Centre for Innovation and Incubation of the University, gave information about the various initiatives undertaken by the Centre. In her address, she told how this centre is trying to develop new research and innovation at the University level. She said that as a result of these efforts, expert lectures are organized every weekend in which focused discussions are held on various new topics. She added that surely through this event, it would also help to understand the transportation related needs of smart cities and the participants would get the strength to make new efforts in this direction.

In his address, expert Speaker Prof. Naveen Aggarwal threw light in detail on Intelligent Transportation System for Smart Cities. In his address, he informed the participants about the measures needed to improve the transport system as well as use of green fuel and strengthen public transport. He told how work is going on in the field of replacing petrol and diesel with biofuel and electric sources and with the help of these, the transport system of these smart cities can be made ideal. At the end of the online lecture, the expert speaker also answered the questions and queries of the participants. The vote of thanks was presented by Dr.Suraj Arya at the end of the program. Prof.Pawan Kumar Maurya, Dr.Anoop Yadav and Mr. Sunil Agarwal made significant contribution in organizing this program. Heads of various departments, teachers, researchers, students and employees of the University participated in the event.

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