Name: Don Bosco High School

State: Assam

City:   Dibrugarh

Address: Dibrugarh, Assam 786003

About Don Bosco High School:-

The aim of this institution is to impart sound education by cultivating in the pupils habits of piety, virtue and discipline.
Education in Don Bosco School is based on the preventive system. The three areas of the preventive system are Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness. Reason aims at convincing the youth the need to follow ‘truth and good’ in accordance with their intellectual development, need and situation. Religion aims at instilling in the pupils believe in God and respect for what is godly.
Loving kindness is synonymous with ‘charity’ or ‘love’. It is ‘love’ that is expressed in words, deeds and even in looks and demeanour. Basically, the preventive system tries to avoid every occasion of evil by proper supervision and convinces the children need to do good and avoid evil through friendly persuasion.

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