DU: Call for Faculty Research Proposals (2021-22)


By Riya


New Delhi: The university of Delhi on September 11,2021 under the Institute of Eminence (IOE) scheme invites short-term research proposals ( one-year duration )from the faculty members of University departments for the year 2021-22.

The university announced that the Research proposals are invited from faculty members of the University of Delhi individually or in collaboration with other researchers from within/outside the University including Colleges of the University.The maximum financial assistance under this scheme for various Faculties of the University is as follows:

(a) Sciences/Interdisciplinary & Applied Sciences — ₹3,00,000/-

(b) Social Sciences/Interdisciplinary & Applied Social — ₹1,75,000/-

 (c) Humanities/Law/Others — ₹1,50,000/-

It is also mentioned that the proposed study should address an intellectual inquiry with a clear hypothesis and specific objective(s). The research proposal should have clearly defined objective(s) and expected outcome(s) to be achieved within the specified project duration. The experimental work may be designed in such a way that the software/equipment/machinery is already available in the Laboratory of the PI/Co-PI. The proposal is to be submitted online on the weblink, namely: http://ioe.du.ac.in/. The last date for the submission of research proposals is: September 30, 2021.

The university further mentioned in the Eligibility criteria that the PI must be in permanent employment of the University of Delhi at the time of submitting the project proposal and shall have at least 12 months of service left before the date of superannuation. However, the ad-hoc teachers/faculty in the Departments/Colleges may collaborate as Co-investigator(s). Recipients of the FRP during the year 2020 shall provide the detailed progress of research work pursued under the said grant. The Final Technical Report (FTR) shall include: significant findings of the research work, copy/copies of manuscript(s)/ published paper(s)/acceptance letter(s) of manuscript(s). A single PDF of the FTR may be uploaded online while applying afresh for FRP 2021 grant.

The university briefed about the Budget Utilisation that Re-appropriation of budget will not be entertained after the project has been sanctioned. However, the competent authority may allow re-appropriation to a maximum of 10%, subject to PI providing a proper justification for the same within 60 days of receipt of sanction letter. The following purchases/expenditure will not be allowed under this scheme: laptop, video recording instrument, air conditioner, camera, furniture, home theatre, mobile phone, television, international travel, conference registration fees, society membership, AMC, etc. No arbitrary expenditure on stationery or photocopying shall be claimed. All purchases shall be done as per the existing financial rules of the University & GFR 2017. If the project involves fieldwork, details of the field/experimental site(s) may be provided. The budgetary requirement for the fieldwork shall not exceed the permitted capped allocation of the budget. Travel to hometown or for personal visits shall not be admissible. The financial assistance received from the IoE research grant must be duly acknowledged in the publication(s)/patent(s)/prototype(s), etc. Any misappropriation and/or wrongful utilisation of funds would amount to disciplinary action against the PI/Co-PI, as per the University rules.

The university also mentioned that the PI/Co-PI shall be required to complete the process of utilisation of the research grant as per the University rules. The FTR, Utilisation Certificate, and the Statement of Expenditure by the PI/Co-PI shall be submitted to the IoE Secretariat, University of Delhi.