IGNOU launches two master level degree programmes i.e. Master of Science (Information Security) and Master of Arts (Entrepreneurship) on the occasion of UN declared ‘World Youth Skills Day’ 15th July, 2021


New Delhi. : The School of Vocational Education and Training, Indira Gandhi National Open University has launched two Master Degree programmes i.e. Master of Science (Information Security) and Master of Arts (Entrepreneurship) on the occasion of the UN declared ‘World Youth Skills Day’ 15th July, 2021.  The virtual launch function was organized live through YouTube and Facebook.

Master of Science (Information Security)

As we know that most of the important and personal data is stored electronically and has large commercial value.  Industry across the globe, especially the outsourcing Industry, is facing a huge challenge for security and privacy. Recently, the Government of India initiated the ‘Digital India’ scheme, where the information of every citizen would be kept safe in the electronic database.  Government is also promoting digital transactions in all walks of life.  Now, the major threat is concerning information security and privacy issues. Therefore, the master level programme has great relevance for the growth of society and the Indian economy. Towards this need, industry has embarked on a need of the program to build Cyber Security Skills to support the ecosystem.   Therefore, there is a great need for making professionals proficient in preventing the threats.  This leads to the need for privacy and a lot of demand because IT is growing exponentially. So, there will be a tremendous demand for capacity-building programmes for professionals.  

The broad objective of the programme is to prepare graduate students for productive courses in information security by providing an outstanding environment for teaching and research in core areas of the discipline.  The programme aims to (a) provide protection and security to personal data and to build data-oriented infrastructure in the workplace; (b) raise high professional ethics in the individuals towards providing information security; and (c) experiment and learn the skills and techniques needed for providing protection and security to our information.

For more information regarding Fee structures, Eligibility, Course Details, and Regional & Study Centre Details, please check the link: https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/index.php/site/programme-detail?id=be570d33bc94a0086692d5da6696fa56dbe807200be3d393b74a249777a32fda1657

Master of Arts (Entrepreneurship)

The present unprecedented situation forced us to change the requirements for entering the world of work.  Our youth to be flexible in the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills and ready to work in new environments. The increasing unemployment rate, low satisfaction in job, low wages also motivated youth to start their own business or venture. Hence, entrepreneurship has been considered  as one of the most important contributors for job creation among  our youth.

Aims and Objectives    

The aim of the programme is to impart knowledge, skill and competencies to start one’s own business venture. To achieve the aim, the programme will focus on various aspects of startup, innovation and soft skills which are essential for the successful entrepreneur. The objective of the programme is to (a) develop competencies among graduates in initiating business enterprise; (b) facilitates successful and profitable operations of the enterprise; (c) enable managerial skills for setting up of new enterprise; and (d) develop interpersonal skills and adopt good leadership behavior for empowerment of self and others. It has been designed to provide competency-based education to the youth in the area of entrepreneurship with an aim to turn ideas into an entrepreneurial venture. This programme will enable learners for critical thinking and problem solving by integrating theory with practice and case studies. Successful entrepreneurs will share their experiences through innovative blended learning and experiential learning approaches.

For more information regarding Fee structures, Eligibility, Course Details, and Regional & Study Centre Details, please check the link: https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/index.php/site/programme-detail?id=8c5cc2895f41337b28e2e6338a35daa818def7e6006d8be4b30ac54f47f4ec001656

The programmes were launched virtually by Prof. Nageshwar Rao, Vice-Chancellor IGNOU. The virtual launch had the external experts from UNDP, Shri Arun Sahdeo, Country Coordinator (UNV), Prof. Sanjay Sehgal, Dean Department of Financial Studies, University of Delhi, Dr. J.S Juneja, an entrepreneurship expert, and Prof Sushila Madan an information security expert. The launch was also  attended by Prof. Satyakam, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof. Uma Kanjilal, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Prof. Sumitra Kukreti and other faculty members and officials from the School.

Shri Arun Sahdeo, Country Coordinator (UNV), UNDP said that IGNOU, the People’s University has launched two programmes which are very much in alignment with the skills day. It’s the need of the hour for people seeking jobs and who want to nurture their talent. Pandemic has disrupted the entire system and hence IGNOU can play a significant role in offering these programmes for the benefit of youth in the country. These programmes will be very beneficial for those who aspire to become entrepreneurs not only in metro areas but every nook and corner of the country be it districts, small towns and villages.

Prof. Sanjay Sehgal, Dean Department of Financial Studies, University of Delhi said that we need to change the mindset of people and bridge the gap between knowledge and skills as each one needs to become an entrepreneur.  He further stated that skill is a basic extension of knowledge. People were having a perception that   only big business houses can create entrepreneurs. In fact, it is   young entrepreneurs creating ideas. People were also having the wrong perception that it’s only scientists who innovate whereas arts and other humanities subjects don’t. There is a need for marriage between a person of science and other areas.  He stressed the need for virtual incubators instead of physical incubators, which will build a strong ecosystem for offering MA (Entrepreneurship) through the ODL system. He said that the SOVET has launched these two progrmems which will benefit every citizen of the society.

Dr. J.S Juneja, an entrepreneurship expert stressed that students should be exposed to field work for setting up an enterprise or any kind of internship with enterprise/ organizations. He congratulated SOVET, IGNOU offering master level degree programs for the unreached people in the country.  These programmes will help a large number of people for teaching and research professions in the area of entrepreneurship.  He further stated that SOVET, IGNOU’s master programmes will be beneficial for innovators and creators, and students will be his own Boss.

Prof Sushila Madan, an information security expert said "we all use smart devices but we are not smart enough to handle these devices. We need to be aware, alert and safeguard ourselves and not fall prey to such types of activities. The government is also informing us to take precautions. The objective of the Master of Science (Information Security) programme is to deal with such crimes/cases.  I congratulate SOVET, IGNOU for launching a very important programme which will help everyone to be aware about cyber security which is a part of Information Security".