Internshala to offer free online skills trainings to its employees and their families


  New Delhi: The recruitment and training platform, Internshala introduced a new policy for the learning and development of its employees and their immediate family members - siblings, parents, children, and partner. As per the policy, all the employees and their immediate family members will be able to learn in-demand skills from Internshala Trainings free of cost. They’ll be able to take up any number of trainings from a pool of 50+ trainings in the latest in-demand skills.


On instituting this new policy, the founder and CEO of Internshala, Sarvesh Agrawal said, “We are a people-first organisation. At Internshala, we believe in investing in people. Based on this core principle of Internshala’s culture and business, we have been striving to provide our users with best-in-class online training programmes in the most sought-after industry skills.”


He further said, “Now that we have more than 50 programmes on the platform and are adding new trainings every month, it only seems natural that our team members and their family also get to experience the world-class content and product we have built and can use the platform to enhance their skills in a field of their choice.”


“We have received an encouraging response from our team members and their families too. So far, out of the team of 200+ members, 35 team members have availed online trainings for themselves and 34 others have availed one or more training for their family members including their siblings and parents. The team members are pursuing trainings to upskill themselves, to pick up new skills, and to explore new avenues and interests like learning photography, French language, or playing guitar,” he added.


What do some of the employees’ family members have to say about the initiative:


Sparsh Rawat, sibling of an employee at Internshala appreciated the initiative and said, “I feel this new policy is really beneficial for all the employees and their family members. Offering the trainings free of cost for learning and development of the employees and their families builds trust in the quality of the trainings offered. Adding to that, I’d like to say that because of this initiative, I got the opportunity to learn something which I might have put on hold otherwise. I completed my ethical hacking training and guitar training without any constraints.”


"This 4 weeks long training in business communication skills taught me how to communicate professionally and covered topics like email writing, cover letter writing, and tips regarding group discussions. This initiative helped me in learning quintessential skills for my career. I want to congratulate Internshala for such an initiative and I hope to implement this newly learned skill in my professional interactions." said Sneha, sibling of an intern at Internshala. She took up the training on business communication skills.