Elimination of single-use of plastic: UGC

By Rajsi Prasad

New Delhi: University Grants Commission has requested the Higher Education Institutions to reduce the use of plastic, especially single-use of plastic and disposal of plastic waste. UGC has framed guidelines for the institutions. This has been created for institutions to adopt policies and practices towards cleaner and plastic-free campuses.

It has also asked all the Higher Education Institutions to strive to make their campuses 'plastic-free' by systematically banning the use of plastics and replacing the same with suitable environmentally friendly substitutes.

The guidelines for every Higher Education Institution read as follows:

a. Ban the use of single-use plastics in canteens, shopping complexes in the institution’s premises and hostels, etc.

 b. Carry out awareness drives and sensitization workshops on the harmful impacts of single-use plastics.

c. Mandate all students to avoid bringing non-biodegradable plastic items to the institution.

d. Encourage their students to sensitize their respective households about harmful effects of plastics and make their households ‘plastic free’

e. Installation of necessary alternative facilities like water units to avoid the use of plastic water bottles, and encourage the use of alternative solutions like cloth bags, paper bags, etc., on campuses. 

 All Higher Education Institutions which have adopted villages under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan shall undertake a campaign in their adopted villages till they are converted into 'plastic-free villages' through promoting awareness and encouraging a shift to alternative products.

ln order to achieve the objective of Elimination of Single-Use of Plastic, UGC has asked the institutions to adopt the following approaches to target different group:

  1. Essay competition among students.
  2. Activities by organizations like NCC, NSS, Nehru Yuva Kendra, etc.
  3. Hackathons among students and start-ups to promote innovation in the areas of alternate materials, recycling, circular economy, etc.

It has requested to all the Higher Educational Institutions and their affiliated colleges and institutes are requested again undertake approaches suggested above following strict adherence to the COVID-19 Government Guidelines and upload the relevant information on the University Activity Monitoring Portal (UAMP) of UGC: https://www. ugc. ac. in/uamp