Class 12th Exams Cancelled: Students Welcomes Decision


By Ojas Singh

New Delhi: Class 12 Central Board of Education (CBSE) Board examination got cancelled yesterday evening through an official notification by the CBSE.

In view of the uncertain conditions due to the second wave of coronavirus throughout the country, the Prime Minister chaired a high level review meeting with the officials of CBSE as well as education boards to review the situation and consequently decide on the Class 12 Board Examination. The decision to cancel the examination was taken unanimously by the officials in the meeting after an exhausting detailed discussion.

The Prime Minister said that the decision on Class 12 CBSE Exams has been taken in the interest of students. He stated that COVID-19 has affected the academic calendar and the issue of Board Exams has been causing immense anxiety among students, parents and teachers, which must be put to an end.  Further he added that the health and safety of our students is of utmost importance and there would be no compromise on this aspect. He said that in today’s time, such exams cannot be the reason to put our youth at risk.


Trauma, Fear and Victory

None of us likes exams and that too in between an ongoing pandemic that has ruined the life of thousands, a big no for the same. Probably exams would be the last thing which one may aspire to deal with. The same resentment against conducting the examination could have been witnessed on the social media platform which was flooded with lakhs of students raising their voice with the hashtags, #CancelExamsSaveStudents, #cancelboardexams2021, #cancelboards2021.

However these protests were justified as students across the country were facing an egregious trauma in the ongoing devastating impacts of the second wave of coronavirus. To make the situation even worse, Indian coastal areas were hit by 2 severe cyclones namely ‘Yaas’ and ‘Tauktey’ at the western and eastern coasts respectively.

Class 12 students, for instance, were faced with the challenge of having to prepare for the all-important board exams with no clear schedule in sight. Earlier, while the CBSE Class 10 board exams were cancelled in April, Class 12 board exams had only been postponed.  Therefore, it came as no surprise that the announcement that the government had cancelled the CBSE class 12 board exams was met with much jubilation by students on social media platforms.

Several students across the country are facing hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic, fungal infections and the cyclone. Many students have lost their parents and guardians to Covid-19 while many of them have lost their homes in the cyclones and are left to live in government shelter homes.

“I am extremely thankful to the CBSE and Prime Minister for cancelling the exams; I was suffering from great trauma”; Muskan, a 12th class student from Delhi. She further added, “my mother and younger brother tested positive for Covid-19 and I was required to take care of them,” she said. “I was unable to do my preparation for the board exam as my school was shut down in this pandemic time, it was difficult to do self-study online due to scarcity of resources,'' said Aparna Sharma, 12th class student from Ayodhya’s village. “My uncle last week lost his life to Covid-19, our family was filled with gloomy sadness. It was difficult for me to prepare for the examination while carrying this trauma,” said Rishi, a class 12 student from Lucknow.

Few Remains Hesitated For The Grades

Majority of the students welcomed the CBSE decision of cancelling the 12th examination. However, many of the students fear over the grade they will be awarded. Their primary reason of concern is that the class 12th grades are major criteria for admission to some pioneer universities and colleges. As now the evaluation of the student will be based upon the marks obtained by him/her in school assignments, pre board examinations, etc.

Further many students fear that their pre-boards didn’t go well as per their potential; however they were preparing hard for the main examination. But now due to the prescribed evaluation method they will end up getting average grades.  “I want to take admission in Lady Shree Ram College of Delhi University which generally takes admission at a cutoff off 97% and above, however I fear that what grades I am going to get as my pre-board examination didn’t go as per my expectation, nevertheless I was giving my best for main exam,” said Ridhi Gupta, a class 12 student from Delhi. “ My pre-board examination didn’t go well as I was suffering from typhoid, but I was preparing with my full dedication and even I was scoring good marks in the mock tests, but now I fear over the prescribed methodology of evaluation,” said Harshita Gautam, a class 12 student from Lucknow.

A few proportion of students who were aspiring for their dream colleges which take admission on merit scores based on class 12 performance and few students who were unable to do well in pre-board examination remained hesitated for their future. They were seeking for partial postponement of the examination till the situation improves but were certainly not in favour of complete cancellation of the same.

However in the meeting held yesterday, It was also decided that like last year, if a student is not satisfied with the awarded marks, he/she may in case opt for the physical exams which would be held once the situation becomes conducive by following the protocols as advised by central government and respective state governments.

A sigh Relief

Though the reaction from the students side remains mixed with many supporting the decision and calling them in student interest while few remained hesitant over the fear of not getting desired grades which could be one of the reasons for the barrier between them and their dream college. Nevertheless the decision has been jubilantly welcomed by the parents and guardians across the country. “I can’t compromise with a void academic year but definitely I can’t compensate for the same at the expense of my child’s life,” Varun Kumar, a parent of a Class 12 student. “It’s fine if my child grades turn out under average but certainly I can’t compromise with my child's life,” said   Dinesh Agarwal, a father of a class 12 student. He further added “I wholeheartedly pray for the earliest departure of the coronavirus and other evils from our life.”