Call For Youth Participation To Battle Covid-19

By Ojas Singh

New Delhi: Youth across all the schools from the country are invited to join a battle led by UNICEF to mobilize a youth battle against the Covid-19.

As India continues to face egregious impacts of Covid-19 in several dimensions, The Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and its partner organisation YuWaah, with the support of over 950 coalition partners, has launched a pan-India campaign called #YoungWarrior to engage young people across the country to address the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and to keep their families and neighbourhoods safe.

“The engagement is simple so that young warriors can mobilise, connect, learn, influence and lead action against COVID-19 accelerate a return to normalcy. Each young person has to enroll his/her peers, and pledge to protect themselves, their families and their neighbourhoods against COVID-19 by undertaking specific actions,” said a circular released by the CBSE and UNICEF.

This engagement will comprise a series of easy and real-life tasks with the #YoungWarrior earning certificate for their actions. These actions include promoting access to verified health and essential services, vaccine registration, COVID Appropriate Behaviours, myth busting etc.

These tasks will be hosted in 10 regional languages to protect themselves, their families and their neighbourhood against COVID-19-

· The first is a technology-based chat-bot platform called UReport (Whatsapp YWA to +919650414141.

· The second is an Interactive voice response (IVR)-based platform (missed call to 08066019225) for young people who may not have WhatsApp/internet.

· The third is through community radio for those who have no access to phones or internet.

This will be supported by a knowledge and learning hub (, with indexed state specific information tools and blended learning modules that are adolescent and youth friendly.

Finally, the key messages and positive stories of youth action will be promoted on the social media platform through partners and influencers.


To join, they have to take the following simple steps.

They will be eligible for a UNICEF certificate on completion of tasks :
1. On WhatsApp: Type YWA and send it to +91 96504 14141 OR they could simply Give a missed call to 080-66019225.
2. Once they join, they can motivate 10 or more young people (10-30 yrs) to join the movement.
3. Pledge to take action against COVID-19 by posting a message with the phrase 'I am a #youngwarrior' on social media, tagging 5 friends.

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