Ambedkar University Satisfied With New Syllabus from Board

By Ojas Singh

Agra: Ambedkar University satisfied with the syllabus issued by the University Board of Studied Governance. Discussion on the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Botany are being considered for implementation of new prescribed syllabus. The government has given permission to the university to change the curriculum at the local level by 70 percent in the same format while 30 percent of syllabus remains the same.

 A subject-wise Board of Studies meeting of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University is being held so that the format of the curriculum issued by the government can be determined and implemented in the affiliated colleges. On Saturday, discussions were held in the online meeting on physics, chemistry, computer science and botany and a compulsory subject.

The Vice Chancellor in a notification said that the University administration is considering implementing the new syllabus for the new term for graduate courses. The implementation of the new syllabus is to be followed across the affiliated colleges with the Agra University.