Cinema is not about making people dream. It is about changing things and make people think”

  •  Veteran film critic Mr. Jay Prakash Chowksey shared his knowledge with our budding journalists


-Amisha Yadav, Jaipur

 Jaipur : The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of JECRC University organized a session on ‘India in Modern Cinema: Language, Culture and Tradition’ on May 7, with Mr. Jay Prakash Chowksey as the expert speaker.  Mr Chowkesy is an author, cinema columnist, critic, a script writer, dialogue writer, a novelist, a story writer, a film distributor and a teacher as well. He has breathed and lived cinema for more than 50 years.

Talking about India in Modern Cinema, Mr. Chowksey stated that India is a unique country where the audience plays a vital role along with the narrator in storytelling. He referred to Anubhav Sinha’s Mulk (2018), Section 375, and Thappad (2020), Umesh Bist’s Pagglait (2021), and Shivam Nair’s Naam Shabana (2017) that depict India in modern cinema.  Modern cinema, Mr. Chowksey said, creates a world of its own and plays a strong role in influencing and affecting the reality we live in.

He said modern society has been divided into many parts in terms of religion, caste, financial status and other aspects. So, we need films that expose the evils happening in our society. He further continued that women-oriented films are in trend to make them aware, stop domestic violence, and to make a positive change in society. He said that man and woman were equal in the hunting era but after that woman was pushed behind and Indian society turned into a male-dominated place.

He discussed how modern cinema is different from the old one. Mostly the old movies were mythological and made without any strong plot or screenplay and mainly they were related to classical ideas of Indian culture. At that period of time, they were not having enough knowledge about filmmaking but now the scenario is completely different. New technologies have come and modern cinema is trying to make changes in the society.

Mr. Chowksey answered a large number of questions from the students, teachers and other attendees on the theme.

Besides the students and faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, people from different parts of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and other states were in attendance during the over-an- hour-long session. JMC Associate Professor Dr. Narendra Kaushik, Assistant Professor-cum-HoD Shailendra Pratap Singh Bhati, Mr. Pavitar Singh, and Mr. Brajesh Mishra played important roles in the organization of the event.