Lucknow University To Hold Online Fest

By Ojas Singh

LUCKNOW: Lucknow University will organize an online cultural event, Festtastic, from May 11-15. Besides showcasing their talent, the event will help students of LU and affiliated colleges break the monotony since they are indoors in the pandemic. Performing on their terraces, comforts of their living rooms, or gardens.
“In present times when everything is uncertain, this online event will boost our morale,” said MSc student and Festtastic coordinator Ayush Shukla. One programme will be held every day. A singing competition will be held on Day 1, and followed by dance, poetry writing, open mic, poster making and gaming events among others.

We are generating an online google form through which students can participate. Every participant student will have to  submit a video showcasing their talent and the best ones will be live-streamed.