IGNOU offers Course-wise Registration and Certification Scheme (CRCS)


New Delhi.: IGNOU has introduced Course-wise Registration and Certification Scheme which allows students to register for specific courses without having to register for an entire programme. Under this scheme, one can register for a single course or a limited number of courses, subject to a maximum of 16 credits.

The applicants are advised to read the rules of CRCS carefully given in the Common Prospectus of the university at item no, 1.17 (Page-15) .

Regulations for admission to CRCS:

1. The eligibility for registering for a course under the Scheme shall be the same as the eligibility for admission to the Programme from where the course(s) are drawn.

2. The Scheme shall be offered in both Cycles of Admission, subject to the provision that the courses are on offer in the particular admission cycle.

3. Registration for all courses of all the academic programmes shall be open for registration under the Scheme except the courses offered under Research Degree Programmes and Awareness/Appreciation level Programmes.

4. Courses offered in combination shall have to be taken together by the student.

5. Course(s) once opted shall not be changed or withdrawn by the student.

6. The minimum and maximum period allowed for completion of the course(s) registered would be six months and two years, respectively.

7. There will be no separate counselling or lab-work schedule for students registered under the Scheme. The registered students under the Scheme shall be advised to be in touch with the Learner Support Centre allocated in order to know the schedule of theory/practical counselling sessions and participate
in the sessions accordingly.

8. Candidates registering under the Scheme, for successfully completing the course(s) opted, shall be required to fulfill all the academic requirements as prescribed by the University from time to time.

9. Candidates successfully completing the course(s) opted shall be provided with a Certificate of Completion of Course indicating the score obtained in continuous/term-end assessment and credits earned.

Candidates shall be allowed to seek transfer of credits earned under the Scheme by taking admission in a Programme of IGNOU subject to the conditions mentioned in the Common Prospectus at item no, 1.17 (Page-15).

For details regarding the fee structure per course and the registration charges, please refer to the Common Prospectus of the university available at the IGNOU website.  

Applicants can apply through the Samarth Admission Portal (https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/) under Certificate Programmes.