New way of learning need to be adapt to live a new normal life : Nalini Arora

Ms. Nalini Arora  , Principal of Shirdi Sai Public School, Moradabad  shares her experience regarding online classes and how  teachers handle the situation with their lot of efforts   to manage the things contributing to the administration and making the things accessible to the  students during pandemic.  Here are some highlights of her experiences as a principal and what challenges they faced to manage the situation are shared by her.  An Interview by Chandra Ratna, reporter EduAdvice

·What is the more challenging situation for teachers now as they are preparing students for a new way of learning?

The most challenging situation faced by teachers was to shift from the traditional way of learning to the technical way or new way of learning. As there are many teachers who are aged and have less knowledge of technical things. Learning the system so they can provide the education and study materials to make the things easy and accessible to the students.


·The new way of learning may lead students to keep distance from traditional ways of learning. Your follow up.

There are pros and cons of everything, as in the technology also. We cannot split children from technology because now it is involved in daily life. Yes, it is quite difficult for the teachers to understand the mood of students in the online classes because they have to believe on students that they are getting the things whatever teacher is teaching. Here lack of authenticity exists.

 On the other side teaching in a traditional way teachers understand the mood and feelings of students, on the basis of which they modified the way of teaching. So each and every student may understand the things regarding the topic while teaching.


·How will learning through technology accomplish other factors of learning that are required in the academics of students?

Other skills including sports, values, cultural values all play a vital role in the growth of students to establish their personality. Yes, unfortunately these skills are lacking somehow because there is no control of parents and teachers on them, students are taking advantage of online classes and using gadgets to entertain themselves instead of doing productive work. They have a reason for everything, even if parents ask about studies and work they will say they are doing their work online and parents have to believe in it.

 But now once these offline classes take place things will be balanced because it will be monitored by teachers and well as parents in a way that it should be.


·What kind of routine should be made for students so they can easily adopt to cover up the habit of online classes and maintain discipline among them?

On this Ms. Nalini Arora said, Government should create a handbook in which all the points regarding values and content should be mentioned so it will be memorized by the students and help them to adapt to the new normal life in offline classes as well. Taking care of yourself as well as your surroundings should be the priority over anything. Parents should take the responsibility of students to teach them about precautions using sanitizer, wearing gloves and masks. It needs everyone’s support, administration and government are doing their job to shakedown the possible way so they can secure and optimize the things together.


·Teachers are performing multiple roles and doing their best to give access to education to the students. Your follow up.

They suffered a lot when it comes to their physical and mental health as well. During pandemic teachers were not getting 100% payment because of which they have faced financial crisis also they still did a fabulous job. All the work regarding teaching and checking PDF’S of the exams was done, excess use of laptops and screen contact causes weak eyesight of the teachers. Without resting and thinking about their health condition teachers were there so students will get the privilege of education during online classes.


·What should be the role of administration towards its staff/teachers to motivate them so they can perform their job better?

Doing small things that make them feel pleasure such as a small get together surprise party, a small thank you note to appreciate  their work, by showing a small gesture of love these are the something that need to be done to motivate the staffs and teachers so it will encourage them  to perform better even in bad time also.


·How does it affect the mental and physical health of students and is it necessary  that classes need to be cut off?

There is a huge difference when it comes to the analytics of social media and productive work done by students. Yes it affects students health mentally and physically both the way but if see the analytics result students are using more social media, spending time on facebook, YouTube and other online social media platforms that means they are capable of managing the face time or more than scheduled times during online classes, if students utilize it in a proper and expected way.


Further adding Ms. Nalini Arora said it is not only about one individual and his responsibility. It’s a team work of all the members including teachers, staff , guards , principal, trustee everyone is suffering and still doing their best. It is all becoming possible because they are here to support each other.