It's Very Important To Implement NEP-2020 Properly. : Veena Goyal 


Mrs.VEENA GOYAL , Principal of SBM School, Rajouri Garden  New Delhi has an experience of 30 years in the Education Industry shares her experience regarding online classes , National education policy, the resposnsibaility of an administration towards students health safety measures. An Interview taken by Khushboo Ahuja. Here are some interesting and valuable thoughts from Mrs.Veena Goyal 's point of view .  


 How do you motivate and encourage your staff?

The real motivation comes from inside, but we can support them by developing an understanding between staff members and me. By coordinating with them and by interacting with my staff members and helping them by suggesting some ways to deal with any kind of problem which they are facing. To provide a platform where they all can increase their Calibre. Giving them a platform to express and learn. Supporting the one out of order. 


 Who is your ideal or role model?

In my opinion there are so many role models in one's life, as we make role models according to situation and our goal. For ex. As a student most of us take any one more intelligent than us so it changes everything according to the situation. Similarly in my case the goal has always been a variable, never fixed. But Nature is the one whom I can say or regard as my role model as it always gives without even thinking of its own benefit. Along With our younger teachers, Chanakya and PM Narendra Modi have also inspired me to some extent in my life.


 What are the motivating moments in your life during this journey?

Talking about nowadays especially during pandemic in my school I met a lot of motivating people. As all of the students put efforts to celebrate most of the festivals online and all of them put a lot of effort in setting their cameras, in decoration, creating ambience etc. just to maintain the legacy of the school to celebrate all festivals every year. Even pre primary kids also put in a lot of effort. I think all of them motivated me.


 What do you think of National Education policy 2020?

When the draft came we all were to give feedback and suggestions  regarding the improvement, and when this policy came we were also asked to provide suggestions which is a good point and it makes us think that yes I am also a part of this policy. Now it's implementation is very important. And for this I am conducting, as well as attending, a lot of seminars to make everyone aware about this education policy.

As we have been using ECEE and also working on a 3 years pattern, also I am making everyone aware of this policy and I would like to appreciate the efforts of all the people who contribute to make this policy.


 How far do you consider National education policy as an universalisation of education?

The thing I like the most is India centralised Education (Bharat kendrit shiksha) if we are not able to tell our children about our nation, and about our ancestors then how can we save our Country's Pride and Glory.

Being an indian do I know everything that I need to know about my country to feel that pride. If not , then my books must be written accordingly to provide me with such education. As NEP talks about AIL, learning experiences, and outcomes. Along with this I am excited to see the results after the implementation of this policy specially on  9th and 10th standards. 


 What are the curriculum activities you are carrying out in this pandemic?

Through very practical methods on the internet we are conducting classes which are based on such activities, assignments, and seminars which provide students knowledge and values of basic life. Students are serving humanity by distributing Masks which they create themselves, children are participating in cookery classes and many more such things.


 What are the steps you are taking in online classes for students so that they can compete in the outer world?

I would like to give a message to all that "We are on the earth to survive not to compete with others . We are here to let others survive" so we always try to give such education to our students so that in spite of competing they would like to walk together " Sabka Sath ,Sabka Vikas". Our students have courage to help others not only with their  studies but with other things also . I would like to give an example here: our intelligent students help those students in study who are facing any kind of problem in their study. Same as our students, our teachers are also doing the same . They target all those students who hesitate in asking queries/ problems. Our teachers do Vidyadaan. It's an app where anyone can post their study related problems and in its response any teacher can answer it.


 What are the steps or techniques that your school is taking to improve communication skills?

We work on some projects in which we encourage students and recently I came across such an incident a few days ago on my personal visit to his home a student of class 4th who was never seen speaking and even he hesitate to come in front of class or stage for any performance presented a poem very nicely, everyone was amazed that how does this happen. Then I was told by his mother and came to know  that in online classes everyone was getting a chance to represent their views and this brings a lot of confidence in him that he presented himself in such a good way. All students were getting small projects to work on. And in the evening we conduct some classes to clear doubts of students in those classes. Our target was such students who were lacking somewhere in any field. We started some competitions and interaction activities to encourage them and to give them a stage to represent.


 How long have you been in this school?

In this school it's my 3rd year. And my career experience is 30 year's.


 In this position what are your top priority towards students?

Make them comfortable towards their life. So, they face their ups and downs wisely and without fear.


 What are the steps that your school is taking to provide students a stress free environment?

By making them comfortable and making  them believe in themselves , motivating them by appreciating them by helping them realise that yes they can do this, and it's good at least you put some effort , etc.with this step the most of the stress can be relieved. And after the corona pandemic if you are not able to deal with stress then you haven't learnt anything from corona. Believe in success  because when you succeed them there's no place of stress in your life.


 If you need to suggest some changes in the National education system, what changes would you suggest?

I don't want any change in NEP as it's designed with our concerns and is very good, but If I can change something that is the books, I want that all NCERT books must be revised and updated in accordance to national education policy. As books are old enough and not renewed in recent years so the only thing that I want is the books should be written accordingly to the national education policy.


 Is there any negative point of NEP that influences a child's school life?

If the classroom environment or the school environment is not able to adopt all the positive changes only then it will be a disaster. So it's very important to implement National education policy properly. 


 What are the steps that you are taking for holistic development of children? 

We are adopting innovative learning methods and I have also received an award for that. I would like to give an example : we organized an annual day last year for nursery to class 6th and each and every child participated in the annual day. Even our fresher candidates also participated in the competition with a lot of enthusiasm. The most difficult task was it was all done online. Students and teachers made efforts together and practiced for the same online and made Annual day a success event. I really appreciate the efforts of our students and teachers.


 What new methods do you like to tell teachers to make their online classes more interactive and engaging?

I would like to suggest teachers that teach students not only by taking books in front of them but also by playing a short drama, a cartoon movie/ presentation, by conducting a quiz or any other gaming round. It's my personal opinion that if we start learning from questions we learn more . In the beginning of session 2020 our teachers were also doing the same . Children were asked to prepare questions first then the teacher proceeded his/ her teachers. It was very challenging to teach students not even for us but for children also to learn without books and notebooks.