Tips to do well in an interview



First impression is the best impression , do you hear this often? Yes , we all do. That too in case of an interview the pressure increases. You might be thinking whether you can handle it well or end up in achieving it.  Nevertheless we all prepare for the interview rigorously, don’t we? . To prove we are unique and special from others who applied. 

In most of the cases, we might panic if the interviewer asks questions out of the box. The thing is we have to play cool and smart. So here are few tips which might help you to prepare for interviews. 

  1. Stay calm. Do not panic or be anxious before going for your interview. Do all the things to stay cool and calm headed. 

  2. Take help from people who have experience.  Ask your friends or relatives or family members who cracked an interview. 

  3. Do not take advice too seriously. Take how much you can take. If something works out for another person may not work for you. 

  4. Be you. Do not portray yourself as another person. If you are humorous use your talent to impress the interviewer. 

  5. Look into the eyes of the interviewer. Do not show your nervousness to the interviewer. Look into his/her eyes and talk confidently. 

  6. Formal attire. Appearance plays a key role. Dress in a formal way. The attire should talk about you. 

  7. Be punctual. Be on time. Do not make the interviewer think you are not serious. 

  8. Start with a firm handshake. 

  9. Answer smartly. If you don't know how to approach a question. Ask the interviewer to repeat the question. But do not end up answering silly. 

  10. Don’t act over confidence. There will be a fine line between confidence and over confidence. Do not cross it.  

Hope these tips might help you.