Time management tips to do well in exams 



‘Time and tide never waits for anyone’, is a very famous proverb. Yes it is , isn’t it? From morning to evening people run behind the time. Time goes on, whether you utilise it or not. Time management plays a key role in everyone’s life. 

Coming to exams, time management is very crucial to score well. Usually students panic a lot, if they are running out of time and in that anxiety they might not do well in their exams. So here are few tips to score well in exams: 

  1. Do not panic. Read the question paper before answering. 

  2. Write the questions you know well. Later answer the remaining. 

  3. Do mind maps for good impressions. For maths, do rough work. 

  4. Maintain good handwriting. Presentation is the key

  5. Do not scribble. Maintain a calm mind. 

  6. Utilise the full time allotted for the exam. Do not rush things up. 

  7. Finally , focus on what you are writing and do not look at the clock often. It increases anxiety in you. 

These are the tips which will definitely help you to come out of flying colours in the exams.