Seven Tips To Score Well In Exam.


Kolkata. In this pandemic situation, students are found to be much hesitant regarding their exams.

During this pandemic period, classes are held online. Therefore most of the students are much hesitant regarding their exams. EduAdice had a conversation with a few parents and children. According to the parents, classes were not held regularly and network issues have become a common problem for every student.

"We want a few more classes as the online classes are useless. Now the exams are knowing the door and we are totally confused", the student added.

In order to make student stress free, there are few tips to score good marks in exams.

1. Do not eat anything just before an exam.

2. Do not stay awake for a long time, the night before the exam.

3. Students should read the school books and refer to more than one book for accuracy.

4. Homework should be done regularly.

5. Students should not waste their time by using phones and laptops before exams.

6. They must practice writing.

7. Students must sit in meditation for at least 15min.