Emerging trends of E learning in India

E learning is a gift to every individual where all the learning is done at learner convenient level. E learning is an educational tool and system that enables a person to learn everywhere and anytime. E learning has made our education system very effective.

E-Learning additionally serves an institution and organization that provides consistent education in more than one place.


Everyday new trends are emerging to provide good learning techniques to the learner. Some popular e learning trends are as follows:


Mobile learning

Mobile phones are considered to be the best device for the e learning as it is very portable. Mobile devices with access to the internet are the best source of e learning. Everyone has a smart phone with access to the internet and this makes the user to learn anything at any place. Mobile devices are also very easy to use and also have a potential to reach masses.

Micro learning

It is a method of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. , it is a student driven methodology that provides just-in-time training that is accessible on multiple devices.  It can be easily available, quickly completed, and easily applied by the learners.

The main benefits of this kind of learning are:

· Accessible.

· Rich media.

· Less time consuming.

· Just-in-time

 · Learner-centric

· Less time consuming.



Gamification is a type of learning through games and it depends on the program and the audience desires. Children can benefit more from this kind of e-learning because it develop interest in them and make them do again and again for long time. Gamification not only helps online learners procure knowledge and skills more viably but additionally it allows them to retain the information and commit it to long term memory for the future use.

Some of the important benefits of the Gamification in e-learning are:

• Better learning experience.

• Better learning environment.

• Instant feedback.

• Helps to remember for long time

Video e learning

This kind of learning helps the learner to grasp the content by watching the videos. When a learner wants to get an idea on some specific topic in details he visits the youtube.com for sure. This kind of e learning gives a very quick idea and assists with understanding the things with interactive media influences Youtube.com is a rich source of video e-learning content and in the same way TV, CD's and storage devices with educational videos paves the way to this kind of e-learning and these days this kind of learning is on full swing as it saves lots of time of the learner compared to reading line by line full stuff on pc some other electronic gadget  and also it might take little concentration of the learner than to reading stuff. This serves as very effective medium of e-learning.

Some benefits of video e-learning can be as follows:

• Video explanation.

• More information in less time.

• Best learning experience.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence learning instructors are like SIRI and VIV; these are software which will answer basic queries to much complex queries of the learners. The involvement of artificial intelligence in e-learning helps the learner to take very wise decisions and quality asset, which in turn helps the learner to excel and make his accomplishments at faster phase.

Some major benefits of AI in case of e-learning can be as follows:

• Provides expert tutors for learners.

• Automated teaching.

• Hugh and rich information.