"Canada is our mini-Punjab" : Here's why Punjabis migrate to Canada

-Navnita Rajput

We often hear a lot of Punjabis saying "Asi ta Canada jaake bas jaana" be it for studies or for job. What drives them to migrate mostly to Canada instead of any other country? We asked a few random people and here's the answers-

Puneet Sharma feels that Canada has a lot of scope be it in Education or Job than in India. The reason for preferring Canada over any other country is that someone or the other from our family or neighbours resides there. Canada is our mini-Punjab! Hence, we feel comfortable in that Country compared to any other place.

While we received another answer which focused on the monetary aspect. Sanjeev Sehgal writes that Canadian Dollar has got more value that Indian rupees. Today, if I earn 56.72 rupees it turns out to be 1 dollar. So, basically our hardwork gets paid out there. No doubt, India is a very good country but to live, a person should have a good lifestyle. To summarise, in Canada, we get a good salary for the hardwork we do. 

Sahil Verma too agreed on Sanjeev's point and summarises that Punjabis go to Canada either to make money or for raising standards. 

I also received answers on my Social Media Accounts. To my surprise, people came out with very creative and reasonable answers. One of them mentioned that the air quality in some of the cities of Punjab is very unhealthy whereas Canada has one of the best air quality in the world. 

A health conscious friend said that it's not just during Diwali that Indians feed on adulterated items but we have it every day as milk, sugar, oil, etc. "I would prefer shifting to Canada because the food items that reach the supermarkets are screened and examined properly. Moreover, they have heavy fines for anyone indulged in this practice of adulteration."

While others focused on employment opportunities, equality, safety, quality, easy to get an PR, peer pressured going to  Canada . Dowry still prevails in India in some form of the other, in an arranged marriage they would either ask for a permanent government job, personal property or international PR. Not just this, clearing IELTS has now become a status. 

If you walk on the pedestrian roads, it is still not safe, a car to overtake another vehicle would smash you. Leave that behind, try crossing the zebra crossing, you will either see cars waiting for the lights go green on it or drivers staring you and moving past you to break the red lights. This is a sign of literates yet illiterate people. Atleast, in Canada people will wait for the pedestrian to cross the road. There was yet another response, where the person pointed out that high-class people will be allowed to move their vehicle first. What is this behaviour? Can't you too wait in the jam just like us? To my surprise, the person also stated that for the high class people to pass through the roads, even ambulances were stopped. 

And then there was this, "Most punjabis are Sikhs, and belong to General quota. Despite of good education, experience, we general quota people have to struggle hard to achieve what ever we wish to in India. Canada has an easy to get PR, no quota system and hence, we punjabis prefer Canada."

After thinking about the answers I received, I think we should take initiative to make our India "Kohinoor". A place people would die to live in. No discrimination, respect for all, follow the path of each one teach one so that there's no illiterate. Create more job opportunities. One thing that Indians need to learn is that we seriously need to stop gossiping I'll about someone's job. Respect each job be it of a cleaner or that of the President, all are important and hence should be treated equally. Before lockdown, I sat down in a park near my home. I heard some "aunties" pinpointing one of the school student passing through and saying that he is the son of a doctor and is working as a waiter in a restaurant, what is the need of picking up dirty plates in which someone else ate his food despite of being a doctor's son?

Think about it, educate people about the goods. Always look at the brighter side. He might have been the doctor's son but he is independent and is atleast earning for himself.