Punjab re-opens its universities and colleges from today

Chandigarh:  November 16: As per the guidelines of Punjab Government, the universities and colleges are scheduled to re-open from today. 

All staff members of the institute should have tested with RT-PCR for Covid. The institutions should prepare details of opening the campus in a phased manner. In first phase, students of final year only are called for physical classes. Not more than 50% of the students will be present in the campus. For other students, online mode should be preferred. The colleges shall adapt Hybrid Teaching ensuring full and systematic coverage of syllabus. The teaching hours may be extended as per requirements.

The students and staff should download and regularly check and update COVA and Arogya Setu App.

The Head of the Institutions are directed to constitute a task force to oversee implementation of COVID-19 SOP. They must ensure that the institution is sanitised properly especially the high foot-fall areas. Record of every single entrant in the institution must be recorded. There must be separate entry and exit points. All necessary equipments like thermal scanners, sanitiser are available in plenty at vulnerable points. It is mandatory to wear masks and follow proper COVID precautions. 

The hostels will be utilised with only half capacity. Washrooms and common areas will be regularly cleaned. Social distancing must be followed in dining halls and messes. The common rooms in the hostels must be sparingly used under the strict vision of the wardens following the guidelines of the Government.