Our educational system needs improvements   

                                 -Jyoti Arora, Principal, Mount Abu Public School

More of the paperwork than the academics for the teaching staff is  major drawback in our education system


By Harshita Pandey/Shaifali Ranavat

Mrs. Jyoti Arora, Principal of Mount Abu School, Sector 5, Rohini, New Delhi  is focusing on the holistic development of the children. During an interview with Eduadvice she unleashed many of the several factors that our present education system needs to improve. She said more of the paperwork than the academics for the teaching staff is major drawback in our education system.

What remains your top priority as a principal?

-     Creating a positive environment for the children so that their physical and mental development will get them into  leading the  way.

      I always focus upon the holistic development of a child.

      As in the case of overall development, what are the facilities provided by the school?

-     We have a meditation session before the morning prayer in which we focus on the mental peace and enhnacing concentration power and we make sure that each and every child should attend this session.

-     We promote home-made food only.

-     Any kind of packed foods is not allowed in the school premises.

-     We conduct regular yoga sessions for the children for their spiritual growth


      Do you have counsellors for the children in the school?

-     In the school we have a children counselling team of 3 members which is headed by Mr. Alok Bansal. The team  keeps a track of each and every child's behaviour and abilities so that they can help the child in every condition.


      How many sessions of women health and hygiene you conduct in a year?

-     We keep on organizing such sessions in which our female students get to know more about their health and hygiene factors.

With it, we also organise combined sessions for boys and girls for the purpose of their hygiene with some famous brands such as: Johnsons, Dettol, Godrej representatives who guide  the children for their personal hygiene


      Do you have any self-defence classes for children?

  • Yes, we have. Our school has a separate team for it and it conducts regular sessions for the children we also get it organize by Delhi Police girl safety cell


      What type of class sitting arrangement do you have in the school?

-     We make boys and girls sit as according to their wish with proper discipline. With it we have rotation system as well so that every child will gets the chance to sit in front and all get equal attention.


      What according to you are the drawbacks in our education system and what improvements you wish to make in it?

-     More of the paperwork than the academics for the teaching staff is one major drawback in our education system and because of that our most of the energy goes on making and completing documents.

      I wish to improve this over-paperwork load so that I and my staff members have sufficient time for teaching and creating children friendly and innovative techniques for imparting education