"Every person should have competition with themselves & not with others"- Simrat Kaur

By Mansi Ranjan

Simrat Kaur, Principal of  Brilliance World School  of Maharashtra , an Educationist, Motivational Speaker & Writer. And she manages to play every role in her family &  of a successful woman. In an exclusive chat, we talked to her about her opinion on online classes & opening up of schools. Here's the excerpt:

What are your views on online learning ?

Online learning is difficult, but it is almost same like classroom learning. As sitting at home & studying is much easier & comfortable. A student needs parent cooperation in online learning as well. Also an atmosphere should be there so that a child is comfortable in the house. Online learning is not that tough, but comfortable.


Then ma'am, according to you there is no difference b/w online learning & classroom learning ?

There is a difference, & a big one. In classroom learning there is competition b/w students. Students are curious, they can ask questions.

Whereas in online learning, the network may be not good. Students cannot easily understand the concept & there are times when you cannot ask teachers because there is no network.


What are the problems teachers are facing in current scenario ?

There are many problems that the teachers are facing right now. Like, students are not coming online at the time of class& are not submitting their homework. Also, there are some teachers who are not getting paid because no fees has been given by the students to the school. The problem of unemployment was already there in the country & now with this Pandemic, it will increase even more. And schools have also realised that they will not get any fees in coming months, which is a big problem for the teachers.


What are the challenges education field is facing in current circumstances ?

Main challenge right now is Covid-19. And another challenge is that of syllabus. As we are not making students understand the concept but giving them different books to read. There are 4-5 books of every subject that a student has to study. In this process, he only reads & does not understand the concept & because of which they are not getting up to the mark knowledge. And there are some concepts that are useless in real life, but still are taught, because of which there is excess burden on a student.

I've been to abroad as well, & there the students are very careless. A 12 year old girl may seem like an 18 year because of the growth she is having. The students mind is free as there is no competition there.


And here we have a lot of competition because of which students are not able to perform ?

According to me every person should have competition with themselves & not with others. Then only he can do better than yesterday & perform best.


What is your opinion regarding the students of class 10 being promoted on internal marking & the pending exams ?

Class 12 exams can be made possible if there is proper planning. It also depends on the strength of the students in class 12. If they follow proper guidelines like social distancing & precautions, then there will be no problem. Also, if the parents are willing to take the risk of dropping & picking up the child, then exams can be possible.

And for the other students who are being promoted on the internal marking, we are actually doing injustice to them. Getting passed on internal marking is good for an average scorer, but what about the topper. Toppers only dream to top but because of internal marking they will be only provided with average marks.


It is being said that the schools will reopen after 15 August, then how will the schools manage students, especially of Nursery ?

It will be very hard for the schools. And if we want to take risk with the nursery class students it is important to reduce the strength of the class. There should be minimum of 9-10 students in a class with one teacher. But then only you cannot stop a child from sitting with his friend. It will take time, but gradually the students will learn. And if parents imbibe in their child, that it is important to maintain distance, then it will be possible. But before that, it is important to train parents through any medium. Like it was shown in Hindi Medium, parents want to send their child to an English medium school, & they are given the training. In this case as well, training should be given to parents. But still, there are some hyperactive children who are difficult to handle. But we can handle them overtime.