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Study abroad with Zero tuition fees



Study abroad with Zero tuition fees

If a light wallet pulls down the will for you to upgrade your study-degree case, here are some countries that will not let you give that dream up.

  1. Germany:

Germany offers excellent quality of education at zero cost. The living expenses are cheap as well. However, nominal administration fee needs to paid which does not cause a hole in your pocket.

It is convenient to choose Germany because one can easily find part time jobs for their expenditures.


The student must be equipped with the basics of German language to smoothly get into the universities. Thankfully, English is commonly spoken and the courses are offered in English language as well, which makes easier for the International students.

Popular Universities to study in Germany:

  • Technical University of Berlin
  • University of Hamburg
  • Berlin school of business and innovation
  • GISMA Business school
  • Humboldt University of Berlin
  1. Norway:

Norway public universities do not charge tuition fees from students irrespective of their nationalities. However, a small amount has to be given every year for student welfare, in some cases. The living expenses are slightly high for someone who is accustomed to Indian prices but that does not pinch as the University is free.

You must be proficient in the Norwegian language as many of the undergraduate courses are taught in this language.

Popular Universities to study in Norway:

  • University of Oslo
  • University of Bergen
  • UIT The Arctic University of Norway
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • University of South-Eastern Norway
  • University of Stavanger
  1. Sweden:

Swedish universities charge the fee if your country does not happen to be an EU, EEA, or Nordic member at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. But, they offer free Ph.D. degrees and also pay for the research work.

Sweden is safe, easy-going and the Swedes are polite and speak English well. The public universities are excellent throughout the country.

Top universities to study in Sweden:

  • Lund University
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Uppsala University
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Stockholm University
  1. Austria:

Students belonging to a country which are not a member of EU or EEA, have to pay a nominal fee of €730 per semester, which is pocket friendly according to the quality of education and life.

Popular Universities in Austria:

  • University of Vienna
  • Medical University of Graz
  • Medical University of Innsbruck
  • University of Klagenfurt
  • University of Innsbruck
  • Vienna University of Technology
  1. Finland:

Finland does not charge any tuition fee for any level of education and it remains the same for people of all nationalities. Presently, some universities have started charging nominal fees for non-EU and EEA members. Ph.D. degrees are free of cost if the student is proficient in the language.

Popular Universities in Finland:

  • University of Helsinki
  • Aalto University
  • University of Turku
  • University of Oulu
  • LUT University
  1. Czech Republic:

According to the law of the land, higher education is free here. But, the candidate must be well versed in the local language. There are many universities that offer courses in English. For that, you need to pay an affordable amount.

A huge number of International students flock here, which is a huge proof of affordable living conditions.

Popular Universities in the Czech Republic:

  • Charles University
  • Masaryk University
  • Brno University of Technology
  • Czech University of Life Science Prague
  • University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

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