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‘Outcome based education will change the way of teaching and learning’

Experts at KCCILHE's Faculty Development Program call ‘OBE’ the need of the hour


Greater Noida । Result oriented Outcome Based Education (OBE) has now become the need of the hour. A system that not only seeks a radical change in the traditional curriculum and evaluation parameters, but also advocates bridging the gap between the teacher and the student. Work is on fast-track, at the government level, to bring in OBE for all courses and subjects to deal with problems like youth unemployment and need of the industry.

Member of several higher education committees and director of Institute of Management Studies in Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Prof (Dr) S.K. Dubey stressed on adopting Outcome Based Education system in the country, while addressing a Faculty Development Program (FDP) organized by KCC Institute of Legal and Higher Education (KCCILHE) on Monday. Professors and faculty members from various educational institutions are participating in this one-week faculty development program on diverse topics.

Prof. Dubey explained that Outcome-based education is a system where all components of education focus on the result or outcomes of the course, involving innovative methods of teaching and evaluation. It emphasizes results rather than completing the course. Students are exposed to clear objectives and regular evaluations of progress. Most importantly, OBE bridges the gap of teacher and student and motivate students to be part of teaching process. 

He informed that the term OBE has been mentioned at least 40 times in the National Education Policy 2020 and its framework is already in place for many courses. UGC is also gearing up for many landmark changes. Once in place, mindset of faculty is also going to be changed. A teacher is going to be an Instructor, a trainer and mentor and above all a partner of student in learning process.

Dr. Dubey added that Constructive Alignment is key of the new education system where the role of a student will be at par a faculty in alignment of courses and assessment as well. The OBE focuses on a SMART formula where the term stands for specific, measurable, achievable and results in time frame.  

Prof. (Dr) Bhavna Agarwal, director, KCCILHE said that from merely a chalk-and-board classroom engagement, entire pedagogy and learning process have moved to a platform where a holistic approach is to yield result oriented education and learning which will ultimately meet the industry demand and reduce unemployment in the country. The Outcome-based education focuses on results rather than traditional learning processes.

Convener of the faculty development program, Dr. Sunita Singhal said that the purpose of the FDP on OBE was to make the current generation of teachers aware of the changes and needs in the field of education and to prepare them for the upcoming challenges. She stressed that time and technology are changing rapidly and if we do not imbibe innovative education methods then a lot will go out of hand.

In the FDP, which will run till Saturday, discussions will be held on topics such as “CO-PO Measuring and Validating attainments”, “Bloom’s Taxonomy in Teaching Pedagogy”, “Activities based Pedagogical Methods” and “Making Effective Question Papers keeping course outcomes in mind”.

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