Institutional Activities

MCHV Webinar by IIM, Calcutta on 10th March, 2022.

IIM Calcutta is going to conduct the MCHV webinar on the topic “Globalization of Spirituality”.

Kolkata: Management Centre for Human Values (MCHV) under Indian Institute of Management Calcutta is going to organize a webinar/seminar on 10th March 2022 at 5p.m.

 IIM Calcutta is going to conduct the MCHV webinar on the topic “Globalization of Spirituality”. It focuses on the topic that in these days when there is a growth of Religious Compartmentalization among the people coming from different religions and community of the society is it ever possible to have Globalization of Spirituality? The people of different religion have their different thoughts, beliefs, traditions and lifestyle in this view how effectively does the globalization affects the spirituality is the title of the talk of the webinar.

The talk organized by IIM, Calcutta will be conducted in an online mode through the zoom meeting. In this webinar Dr.Govindaraja Setty AG of Vasavi Charitable Trust is invited as a speaker of the Webinar. The Vasavi Charitable Trust works on organizing of the activities related to Spiritual, Social, Educational, Medical, Cultural and Environmental. In accordance with this it also works for supporting poor children’s and orphanages.

The candidate those who are interested to participate in the webinar can register through this form given in the link to receive the zoom meeting link

The zoom meeting link will be provided to the selected candidates on the day of the webinar.

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