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JMI, SEBI and NSE jointly organises Investor Awareness Program

The event was concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by event coordinator, Dr. Mohd Kashif Khan, Deptt. of Economics, JMI.

New Delhi :- Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) jointly organized an Investor Awareness Program and Interactive Investor Quiz on 07th February, 2024 at Conference Hall, Dr. Zakir Hussain Library, JMI.

The keynote speakers were Shri. Amit Mawai, Assistant General Manager, SEBI, Shri. Joginder Singh, Regulatory Head, NSE North and Mohd. Izhar, Deputy Manager, NSE North. Prof Mohd. Muslim Khan, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, JMI graced the occasion as Chief Guest and Prof. Shahid Ashraf, Deptt. of Economics and former Officiating Vice Chancellor, JMI acted as the discussant.

Prof. Asheref Illiyan, Nodal Officer, SEBI Investor Awareness Program at JMI and Head of the Department of Economics in his opening remarks highlighted the important of such awareness programmes and he emphasised that capital market investment has opportunities, challenges and risks associated with it and hence, investor awareness is highly imperative. He thanked SEBI and NSE for choosing JMI for this joint programme. Prof. Illiyan also expressed a deep sense of gratitude to Prof. Eqbal Hussain, Vice Chancellor, JMI for his support and guidance.

Prof. Mohd. Muslim Khan, pointed out that people should be informed and aware before exposing to financial markets. Without adequate knowledge and skills one can get into a trap, he added. He complimented JMI, SEBI and NSE for organising such a wonderful programme.

Shri Joginder Singh started the keynote speech on making a general awareness on the investor participation among the audience. He then spoke about the importance of financial planning and the need of making investment decisions properly and timely. He spoke in detail about the basic financial instruments and various categories of assets and its working mechanism. He devoted time to take inputs and doubts from the audience, thus making the event more interactive.

Shri Amit Mawai, Assistant General Manager of SEBI, emphasised the need of a regulatory body in the spectrum of financial markets. He also spoke on the importance of investors' interest and their role in channelling financial markets. He pointed out that it is the duty of the regulatory authority to provide free and transparent information to all the stakeholders of the market. Nobody should be left behind in accessing the timely and proper information. Later he quickly went through the history of SEBI, the functions, the moto, the duties and different types of security instruments and their supplementing features.

The keynote speeches were followed by an interactive quiz competition session. Special complementary gifts were presented to the participants of the quiz competition. The programme was actively and enthusiastically attended by faculty members Prof. Nandan Nawn, Dr. Nadeem, Dr. Shadab, Mr. Aquib, Prof. Naseeb Ahmad and students from different Departments of the university. The event was concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by event coordinator, Dr. Mohd Kashif Khan, Deptt. of Economics, JMI.

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