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JMI organises talk on “Career in IT: Present and Future ”


JMI organises talk on “Career in IT: Present and Future ”

New Delhi. : The Department of Computer Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia(JMI) organised an online invited talk/discussion on “Career in IT: Present and Future ” on 25 th Oct 2021 for pre final year and final year students of B.Tech. (Computer Engineering) and M.Tech.(Computer Engineering).

Prof. Bashir Alam , HOD welcomed the panellists, all alumni of the department and stressed on having healthy & strong bond between the alumni and the alma mater for the overall development of the institution. Prof. Tanvir Ahmad, Prof. Mohd. Amjad, Mr. Faiyaz Ahmad and other faculty members of the department  were also present during the talk.

Mr. Sachin Gaur , Co-Founder - Mix Org, highlighted the importance of identifying good problems statements and working for their solutions. He strongly encouraged students to think about the prospects of having their start-ups.

Mr. Zafar Ahmad, Co-Founder , AI Digital World Pvt. Ltd, Singapore advised the students to work for contentment and have a strong belief in themselves. He also recommended the students work hard in the field of AI and its role in the industry is evolving at a great pace. He also offered to assist the students in their internships.

Mr. Shah Shoib Faizan , Senior Cloud Engineer, Verisk Analytics New York, USA, inspired the students with his journey from Jamia to his present workplace. He strongly advised looking for projects in the field of Cloud services and Network data analytics. He cautioned the students to keep evolving their skill sets to match the changes in the industry.

Ms. Aranika Mahajan, Senior Software Engineer, Google, USA, shared her ideas about the current industry trends in terms of technology and applications. She also stressed the fact that online tech certification is the go-to thing these days, however, they do not guarantee a successful career in IT, and one’s core knowledge of concepts stands higher.

Ms. Sanika Kulshrestha , Senior Product Manager - Document Cloud business unit, ADOBE Systems, pointed out the fact that there is no single path to success in one’s life. Sharing her example, she also broke the ice on staying in an organization for too long. She strongly advised the students to be curious about their careers and never let this passion go away.

Mr. Wasim Raza, Senior Software Engineer,Uber , San Francisco USA , counselled the students to do a deep self-exploration before starting their careers. He highlighted the relevance of reading blogs to stay aware of the new technological developments in the industry.

Dr. Sarfaraz Masood and Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad were the coordinator for the event. The session ended with a vote of thanks presented by Dr. Sarfaraz Masood.


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