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JMI observes 'Nasha Mukt Bharat Pakhwada' in support of GoI's Drug De addiction initiative

:- Community Extension Lectures on “Nasha: Ek Abhishaap” were delivered in both the communities by the Resource Person


New Delhi: The Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension (DACEE), Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) observed 'Nasha Mukt Bharat Pakhwada' in support of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India’s Drug De-addiction initiative on “Say Yes to Life, No To Drugs”. A number of programmes were organized under the guidance of the HoD, DACEE, Prof. Shikha Kapur and Intervention Specialist & Resource Person Ms. Sakshi Gaba who is also an alumna of the department. An extensive campaign was carried out with the support of M.A. Development Extension students Ms. Qudsiya Mehwish and Ms. Zaeema Iqbal. 

The activities under the Campaign were carried out between June 30 to July 3, 2022, both at JMI and in the communities near the university, namely Village Pilanji and Valmiki Basti located at Taimur Nagar Pahadi Number 1. The Community Extension Intervention Campaign started with Community mobilization where the Community people of the two clusters were mobilized to participate in the Campaign. 

Thereafter on July 3, 2022, Community Extension Lectures on “Nasha: Ek Abhishaap” were delivered in both the communities by the Resource Person. The Extension Lecture sensitized the community people about menace of drug addiction and its various types. A large number of teenagers, youth, women and men assembled in the two clusters and participated proactively since the issue prevails there and directly impacts their social, emotional, physical, economic life and mental health.

Visual Aids i.e. Flash Cards entitled "Ek Kadam Nasha Mukti ki Ore" were used for disseminating further detailed information and bringing awareness about aspects of Substance Abuse- its different types, methods of abuse, its adverse effects on health and society. The people actively discussed that how those addicted to drugs, tend to lose control over their brain & body, indulge in criminal activities like thefts, fights, and have even committed murders in their locality. The presentation concluded with a conversation on how might we create an addiction free society and support people to quit Drug Abuse.

The campaign concluded in the community by distribution of Leaflets on "Nasha Chhodane ke Tariqe aur Sahayta Kendra". The information pertaining to free Drug De-addiction and Rehabilitations Centres, Non-Government Organizations working in Delhi who help addicts and their families were distributed at the end of the session in both the communities. 

The Community Extension Intervention conducted by DACEE was successful, that not only raised the awareness but it also motivated the people to stay away from any kind of addiction. Many turned back to the team after the session and requested for help and support to quit their addiction. 

Meanwhile at JMI the HoD, Faculty, Research Scholars and Students of the DACEE took the pledge and consciously committed themselves to stop the menace of Drug addiction.

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